Sunday, July 12, 2020

Women are Stronger than Men - Don't Fight It

happy women day

Before you call me out on this, hear out my own view on this.

Today being the day we are celebrating international womens' day is the best day to share this post.

Whenever I look at how strong women are, I am shocked at how they are wired.

To start with, everyone of us can relate to the pains women go through during labour. I am a science guy that reads a lot about the science of the body.

Looking at the labour women go through during delivery, it is more than enough to win the argument that women are more stronger than men.

Forget about the strong bones that men claim to have and the six packs they carry all around using it as a measure of their strength.

Those are nothing and cannot save a man from crying when he faces emotional crisis.

During delivery, husbands get more scared about the whole process and some even feel more pain than the labour pain.

Love experts will call that true love for their wives.

But it is no different from being emotionally weak.

Wait let leave this issue of delivery alone and pick the argument from another direction.

Women are emotionally strong.

Most women have a big heart.

That is something only few men have, a big heart.

A woman does better in handling multiples things without feeling overwhelmed and are also emotionally intelligent.

A woman knows how to attend to everyone without making you feel neglected, atleast the kind ones.

You know what?

Whenever I see how stay-at-home moms handle the house chores, I am forced to admit that most of the work we claim to do at work are nothing compared to house chores.

You dont still believe me?

Then try partaking in house chores from today onward and let her have this month as her rest day.

Only then will you understand that women are stronger.

Atleast, if this doesnt look like your wife, mom, it surely looks like mine.

I did not mean to cast my fellow men, I only want my fellow men to know how much their woman is trying.

So always try to be nice to her, take care of her needs and listen to her stories (women love stories).

Happy International Womens' Day

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

4 Steps to Achieving your Dreams - All it Takes

goals and dreams
Here am I seated with my new laptop wondering about how I have been able to enjoy little success in my business. It all started when I was 16. I have always had the dream of building an online business empire, though I have not achieved anything closer to my dream but I feel more closer than ever before in my life. The dreams looks much more visual and realistic to me and to say I feel am already living the dream and its no more dreams but my reality.
But after considering all that, I decided to write this to share with you how you can be more visualistic about your dreams. Pardon me cause I know using the word ‘Visualistic’ has no dictionary backup, but that just the word I can think of for now.

Everyone of us have got dreams and there are times that we wonder if it ever going to come into reality, if that idea is going to succeed, if you really have what it takes to achieve that dream.
I have come to you hiding behind the sounds of my keys the gospel of achieving big.

You have heard of great men who have achieved great even during the 18th century where there are little support to enhance the fulfillment of such dreams and permit me to say those were actually extraordinary things achieved by men.

How was phone invented?
That’s something that I have always wondered. How was it possible for man to achieve something of the complex system?
We are not far-fetched from the answers as there are always traces of what contributed to the success of great world leaders.
And of them is the ability to believe your ideas are real and can be achieved.
Its’ okay if no one trusts you because we all have different background, history and knowledge which influences the things we believe are possible and the things we are skeptical about.
And that’s just how the human brain operate, being influenced by past experiences; so do not try to force your ideas on anyone.
You have to give them the reason to believe in your idea.
But the moment you also don’t believe in what you do is the moment you fail.

So How do become more visualistic about your dreams?
Yes, that is the question for today.
How do you actually achieve this looking at so many reasons people have given you that your idea is a failure. So how do you actually achieve this?
Let get started.

1.    Write Down your Ideas
Have you got an idea? Then write it down the moment you get the inspiration. There is no restriction to places where you can get good ideas of what to do.
You could be in a bus and get an inspiration of something that might solve a problem or atleast reduce the effect of not solving the problem.
So in essence, you need to have a pen and a book with you wherever you go. Yes, a lot of people would actually argue that cell phones are there to get your ideas noted.
But the truth is that there is a magic that tends to follow scribbling down your ideas in your note book.
Well, that magic I cant explain.
So when next you are going out ensure you have a pen and a note book in your bag or a sheet of paper in your pocket.
So this is what I know as guiding and protecting your ideas.

2.    Carry out research
Yes, just because you have got an ideas does not mean you are bound to succeed. You now need to make your research on what it takes in carrying it out.
And also you have to find out if there are other cheaper alternatives to your ideas.
The main purpose of carrying out your research is to have a good and valuable cause to pursue your idea and have the confidence that you are not wasting your time.
Human life is short and no one would want to risk wasting it on unnecessary and unrealistic ideas.
Though unrealistic sometimes does not mean it is unachievable but means that its takes more knowledge and patience and even discerning spirit to achieve.
There are men who have done something that would have been seen unrealistic before, an example is invention of space ship.

3.    Create Strategies to Achieve your Ideas
Now that you know that your idea is valuable, the next thing you need to do is to create strategies to help you in achieving the success you crave.
So now you need to engage in critical thinking in order to come up with plans on achieving your ideas. While this might be seen as a difficult task, it is not. But it requires you to be very strategic and cautious in reading facts.

And if you have a team you can engage everybody in critical thinking then note every single point being share by your team. Do not make the idea of trashing someone’s idea because you think that its not going to work.

Just take your time and note every idea being shared and have them explain why they think that might work.
At the end of the game, you can seat down and rethink everything written down over and over again until you find more light on what you are opting for.
Then you can have your smart strategy work you up the ladder of achieving your dreams.

4.    Be Careful of whom you share your ideas with
Not everyone deserve to hear about your idea. Some just need to hear about it after it has been successful and that would make them respect you.

But if you are to happy to share your idea with everyone, then you might have many more reasons why your ideas will not succeed.
The more people you share it with, the more criticism you get.
So the best way of avoiding critisicm is to limit the people you share your ideas with.
I am a victim of this, I tend to share my idea with everyone anytime I have the opportunity to and the consequence is that I face more head block than ever before.

So have you ever lived your dreams before? Share with me what are the things you did. I would love to learn from you. (knowledge is power and sharing is the best use of knowledge).

Choosing a Career, Money and Passion: A Simple Advice
choosing a career

You know what?
There is too much noise in the world that we find it difficult to hear our inner voice.

We listen to the voices of others and cannot differentiate our voice from the crowd.

That is the world we now live in. And this has affected our lives greatly. I am now referring to our career. We choose a career based on how lucrative and not on the impact we want to make.

Do not argue it. You are guilty of this.

We now live our lives based on statistics not on purpose. And that is the truth.

You know this, I know this; we know this.

But could there be any negative effect on that?

And yes there is more danger in listening to the world and not listening to your inner voice.

That is what I am going to emphasize here. According to statistics,
Many people now search for “most lucrative career, courses” on the internet.
And have someone with no achievement feed them nonsense and mislead them.

I have been there before.

While in secondary school, I would always search for most lucrative jobs, career, to decide on what career path to follow.

And the result was that I ended up being more confused.

I neglected my passion and chased money.

And I was back to where I started from.

So how should you choose a career?

Simple answer – passion and impact.

Ask yourself questions like this:

What is my passion?

Okay you can guess from the title that this was where I was heading to.

But do you know that as simple as this sound, many people fail at doing this.
Yes they get it wrong at this point.

Some say that; choose a career that is lucrative and make it your passion.

Hell NO!

That would only destroy things the more.

You can choose a career based on money and job availability and even make some reasonable amount when doing it, but you will never be able to make impact in that field.

Not a curse.

And do not get me wrong.

You need to understand what being successful means.

You can be making a good monthly income through that job but that does not mean you are successful.

Okay, let me explain it this way.

If you are passionate about being a Doctor, you make money and also make an Impact.

But if you choose that career path because of money, you make money only not impact.

Here is the thing:

You might say making money is the main thing, right?
I would not agree.

It is less about making money , and more about making impact.

If you take your time and list out the great men and women, there is something common:

They are passionate about what they do.

At the point of death, they are willing to stand by it.

If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.

What impact do I want to make?

People who make impact in this present world are people with dreams.

Here is the thing:

If you choose a career path just for money, you might never get it.

If you are bent on making impact, people will flood around you with money.

That is how simple it is.

What do you want to be known for?
Yes if you know this, then you will work towards it.
There is a common trend, people facing great difficulties tend to become more successful than others.


This is not far-fetched.
They know what they want and are ready to give what it takes to get it.
Malala is just a perfect example of this.
Malala is the youngest Nobel Laureate (age 18). She is from Pakistan and she is the girl who stood up for education.
She was shot by the Taliban who opposed girls education in Pakistan.
But because of her determination to study and succeed, she was awarded the Nobel Laureate for peace.

This is the perfect example of standing for something and making impact.
One morning in 1995, twelve-year-old Craig Kielburger was flipping through a newspaper, looking for the comics, and he happened to see a headline about the murder of a boy named Iqbal who was about Craig’s own age.

Craig read about how Iqbal had been sold into slavery in South Asia at the age of four and spent six years chained to a carpet-making machine, working day and night.
Iqbal had escaped, told his story to the world, and started fighting against child slavery. Now, the story said, Iqbal had been killed to stop his campaign for freedom.

That terrible story touched something in Craig, and he determined to pick up Iqbal’s cause and work to free children from slavery, poverty, and ignorance.
It was a big ambition for a twelve-year-old, but Craig says Iqbal’s story proved that the bravest voice could live in the smallest body.

So, Craig cut the article out of the paper, took it to his school in Thornhill, Ontario, and asked his classmates if they wanted to help. Eleven other kids put their hands up . . . and that was the start of the group Craig called “Free The Children.”
Together, they set out to raise funds, tell people about the plight of child slaves worldwide, and - above all - to help those children get the freedom and education they
needed. Craig’s friends told other friends, parents, teachers . . . the word spread quickly and Free The Children grew by leaps and bounds.

Soon, they were working with other groups in third world countries, getting support from companies and associations, and creating their own education and development programs. Today, Free The Children is the world’s largest network of children helping children through education.
There are more than one million youth involved in forty-five countries worldwide.
They build schools, provide clean water and health care, and fight against the abuse and neglect of children . . . everything to make life better for other children and youth.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What is Your Priority? Set the Right Priority

Setting Priority Right with Akinduyo

Priority is the order you place your life activites, tasks, duties and even people in your life. Priority is a respect of order and time. When referring to priority you need to think about time too.

Wait!! The person in the picture above is me.

You are supposed to be in School but you are still lying down in bed hoping to get some rest. You have gotten your priority wrong, though the latter is not a crime, it is a sin to your innerself and to the people responsible for your life.

Either you like it or not, at a point some set of people are responsible for your life, I'm referring to your parents, your spouse, and God.

Your parents are responsible for your life when you were still young and growing, they were once sponsoring most things in your life and you owe them an explanation.

When you are supposed to be in School and you are still in your bed, then you have not done the right thing at all.

And the same thing goes for your spouse. You are both responsible for one another. And when referring to responsibility, priority is of essence.

Let dive into what it takes to set your priority right.

What is your priority?

Have you set your life priority straight? There are a lot of people in life that do not have the right priority and they are always doing the right thing at the wrong time.

Doing the right thing at the wrong time is the same things as doing the wrong thing. So this is why you need to consider setting your priority right.

Take your time and think about what your priority should be. And the only way to get this done is to think about those things you are trying to achieve, and then think about what needs to be done to achieve them.

What do you think will be your biggest failure in life and that would cause you regrets for life?

This would not be an easy thing to think off, but you are better off answering this now before it is too late. What would your biggest regret be? and what do you think will earn the badge for your biggest failure in life?

I have always been scared to answer this! But I would use myself as an example in this part.

As for me, my biggest regret would be not inheriting the Kingdom of God. It would be an irreversible event if I do not make it to heaven and this is what I fear the most.

And my biggest failure should have been the same, but I will try to make it less spirirtual to you. My biggest failure would be not impacting lives like I would always love to.

And guess what?

Spending some few hours in the morning to come up with a post to inspire lives is one of the ways I plan to impact lives.

But much more than that, my aim is to millions of lives through my words, spoken speech, books and also through my life achievements.

So you have to answer this question too yourself. What would be your biggest failure in life? Then that should be your biggest priority in life.

They can be two, three but should not be up to four. The rest should come beneath your most priority.

Not Setting your Priority Straight is  a Sin

Yes a lot of people think that therer is nothing wrong with not setting a priority. They see setting priority as an option or a choice you choose to do or not.

But the truth is that you need to set priority in order to get things done rightly. Even God so much emphasize on priority, He condemns anyone that make images as their gods, and those that serve man-made gods.

That is prioity.

You need to put God above all thing. He should be the first in your Life. Every other things should come beneath.

That is where Priority begins from.

So not prioritizing right is a sin. Because you get everything mixed up including God. Do not mix God with everything, put him first.

Priority Will Make you a Better Version of YourSelf

Have you ever met a man that is well principled and does everything according to his own principle?

They are always cute and attractive.

They look like a genius even though they are not.

This is what Priority does to you. It helps you to become a better version of yourself.

If you take your time to make a list of priority that becomes your principle, you will be able to live close to your dream life without feeling challenged or sold.

So do your best to set your priority straight.

You do Things in Line with God's Time

Yes, when your priorities are right and aligned with the Bible; you get to do things inline with God's time. So you dont really need to be bothered by what is God doing right now in my life?

You get to fully understand and also know what God is doing per time in your life. And this is because your priority is inline with what God has planned for you.

In essence if you put God first and you do the right thing by running along with your dream through the help of a priority list; you are eventually working as per God's time.
Achievements Become a Daily Routine

A Splendid Life

Though therer are a lot of life challenges that can weigh you down and also think that God is not on the throne; with a priority list you should not get distracted with life challenges but get busy with what's next on your priority list.

And if you practise this consistently, you get to enjoy a splendid life that other people willget 
Finally, you get to enjoy a splendid life.

Friday, April 3, 2020

How to Earnestly Seek God in Life

There is always a time in a man's life when he feels so lonely in the world despite the multitude of friends around him.

That particular time is when a man seeks God in his life because he gets tired of making decisions and putting his selfish interest in front of everything.

At this time in your life, you feel everything is getting twisted and confusing.

You easily get annoyed over trivial issues and cannot help your situation any longer.

Though you are aware that life challenges are weighing you down, getting that load off you is bigger than you.

I have been there before, having continuous suicidal thoughts; a feeling of "Let's end it all"

As someone who has been there before, I can confidently say God is the only to all life challenges.

You must have heard of this before and never believed it or may have some doubts concerning it.

I assure you that if you seek God earnestly, you will find him.

  1. Fasting and Praying

Daniel 9:3  And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes.

During the period of hardship in the land, Daniel turned to the Lord to seek God's face.

And he did not just seek the face of God through any means, he followed a system in which past Generals like Elijah followed during their time.

Daniel seeked the face of God by fasting, prayer, sackcloth and ashes.

This wasn't just anyhow a system of approaching God. It is an approved system of seeking the Face of God.
  1. Worship

This is a huge secret for anyone interested in knowing God the more. To seek God's face, I so much appreciate and understand the significance of worship.

Worship is for climbing in the spirit, do you want to ascend to holy of holies? Then utilize worship more than any other means of seeking God.

God inhabits the praises of his people because he wants all men to give glory to his name and being.

Not doing this is a sin, and doing it is a blessing to the doer.

There is a song that says
"I will enter his gate, 
With Thanksgiving in my life,
I will enter his court with praise,
I will say this is the day that the Lord has made
I will rejoice for he has made me glad"

This is a song that shows the significance of worshipping God in every situation.
  1. Giving

This is a huge spirituality weapon that is being under-utilized by Christians.

You read that right! Yes, it is being under utilized by Christians.

Giving can be used to get God attention. The truth is that God has always been interested in helping us but our sins have kept us away from God.

When God said do not do commit sin, do not steal, do not kill, do not tell lies, he has a reason. When you commit immoralities or any form of sin; you have only successfully made God handicap over your issues.

He cannot just help you even if he has the feeling to do that, even if the urge is there. And that is because the accuser (devil) is always looking for our faults as evidence to make God helpless over our situations.

Just like how Satan went to meet God concerning Job, he was looking for Job’s faults just to have solid evidence to make God helpless over the situation.

He is not just God but Judge over all. And not just a Judge, but a just and fair Judge.
So you cannot buy your way into his presence, not money, not eye-service; except you seek him in truth and in spirit.

I’m weighed down!!

I’m weighed with the urge to have you share this throughout the world. 
Just a share will go a long way.

Thank you and stay safe!!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Pursue, Overtake and Recover - 7 Biblical Rules of Success
Pursue, Overtake and Recover – 7 Biblical Rules of Success

Are you ready to pursue your dream and live your dream life?
Then pursue, overtake and recover.

That was the command God gave to David in the bible, When David lost everything upon his return.
Christianity has now been misinterpreted with a lot of false teachers teaching prosperity messages without going into depth.

They tell you that when you give a seed faith, then God will wrought wonders in your life, but they did not tell you that you need to be a strong believer of Jesus.
You cannot buy God’s miracle and prosperity, neither do you merit it.

But through faith in the Jesus and following the other principles in the Bible will you then achieve it.
Actually there are many principles in the Bible for various things on the earth.
The principles in the Bible are like scripts for unlocking the various aspects in life.

So in this post, I will be sharing with you 7 principles in achieving success. Pursuing, overtaking and recovering all you have lost.

Being a Christian does not limit you from being successful. The Bible has the best advice for success if you are hungry for success.

The principles in the bible will help you in getting to your dream land and living your dream life. But many people seem to be blind to the rules of the Bible and think of success as the opposite of living an humble life.

Many of us have been robbed ourselves of our potential. Though its true that witches and wizard operate the world of darkness and also rob people of their potential and glory.

But truth be told that a lot of people have not been robbed by witches and wizards but by their own self.

If you are sound and fit spiritually and physically then you would have no reason to worry about the witches and wizards.

These people or spirit that we know as agents of devils are powerless if we do not allow them an entrance into your life.

You allow them an entrance into your life if you do not believe in God and in yourself.
So let get into details now.

1.    Be Diligent

Seeth thou a man diligent in his works, he shall sit and dine with rulers.

If you want to be successful then you have to be diligent in what you do.  If you are not diligent in what you do then there is no way you will be proud of what you do.

If you are diligent in what you do, then in no time you will be among the top best in your field.
And once you get there, you will have a high self-esteem because you know what you do.

2.    Believe in yourself

Having a belief in your self will be a relief to you and the people who associate with you. Every courageous man has a bit of fear but are courageous because they do not show their fear to others.
Just believing in yourself will make others to believe in you.

People will only trust and follow those they believe in.
Believing in yourself is very important as it makes you a leader. And as a leader you have to believe in what you do to make others follow you.

Do not show fear or disbelief in what you do because of those that look up to you.

3.    Pray

Prayer is the most under-utilized spiritual tool in Christianity. Prayer is known as the key but many
people only know it as the key literally.

They tend to search deep into their own knowledge to look for other keys to success.

But and all of it will look promising but they are not long lasting.
They are just short-cuts that make the way to success very long and tiring.

That is exactly what happens when you only believe in your strength only and not in God.
You cannot displace God in the equation of success and expect a result.

The equation is inbalanced when there are too many variables that are unknown.
So you need to put God in the equation to get a result.

And that is where prayer comes in.
Prayer is the greatest weapon and most under-utilized in the spiritual and physical war-fare.

And a typical example of prayer that move the heavens is the prayer that Jacob prayed in the Bible. Jacob prayed all through the night and there was a change of name.

But you need understand something that Jacob is a farmer and has been working diligently but
 needed the heavenly push.

And he only achieved this through prayer. He prayed until the angel of God appeared unto him.

4.    Wrestle and Fight for your ideas

Now we know that everyone have ideas that they want to implement.

In this world, there are a lot of people with ideas and getting people to believe in your ideas is another thing you need to achieve.

And that is where wrestling and fighting for your ideas come into place.

On your mission to be successful, there would be haters who would tell you that it is impossible to
achieve that.

They are not telling because they felt compassion for you, they just do not want you to try or stand a chance of succeeding.
This is also plastered in the Bible.

Jacob is known as a man who wrestled with the Lord in order to have a change in his destiny.
There is no bigger fight or strong will other than what Jacob did in his time.

5.    Keep Learning

The search for knowledge will increase – that is what the Bible made us to understand, Which is why you cannot risk not educating yourself daily and improving yourself.

Learning new things should be your priority. In your field of work, you need to keep educating yourself in your field of work.

My people perish because they lack wisdom.
Wisdom is the principal thing, get wisdom and with all your getting get understanding.

That is how important knowledge is. You cannot obtain knowledge without studying and gaining experience.
So if you want to succeed in this present world, you need to keep learning and improving yourself.

6.    Hardwork

 Nothing can be achieved with a lazy hand. You need to be hard-working in order to attain success in life.

For you to pursue and overtake you need to be hard-working.
Keep running and running until it is over.
It is not over yet until it is over.

When David was pursuing, he and his soldiers must have been tired from the war they just ended not to talk of the journey.

But still regardless of all that they took their sword and still pursued their enemies.

You need to pursue your dreams regardless of what you are going through.
Remember you are not the only going through that difficult situation and you are not the first to go through that.

So you need to put in the hard-work and neglect the situations around your life.
Remember hard-work pays.
When you put in the hard-work then will you be able to achieve your dreams and attain success.

7.    Let it out

There was a beggar that has been at the gate of a public hall for a long time begging for alms. One day an old man came by and he stretched his arms expecting to receive something from him.

“I have nothing to give you” – the old man said. “What are you sitting on?” – he continued.

“Nothing really, it a wooden box that I have sat on for as long as I can remember” – the beggar
replied.  “What is inside?” – the old man asked. “hopefully nothing because this box has been year
for so long” –the beggar resisted.

“Open the box and check what’s inside” – the old resisted.

And when the beggar checked inside the box, he saw gold coins in it. And this box has been what he sat on for as long as he could remember but never looked inside.

So this is the last tip I will be sharing with you, look deep inside yourself and let out the hidden treasures in you.

Do not argue and stop begging around when you have something worth more than the treasure anyone can offer you.

So you need to let it out.
Let out the potentials in you.

Someone once said that the richest place on the earth is the Graveyard.
And I asked why?

He replied because many people die without using their potential, so they are buried with their potential.

Do not be one of those that would keep contributing to the wasted treasures in the graveyard.
Go and LET IT OUT.

This post is written by Akinduyo Eniola a freelance writer, strong believer of God  and entrepreneur who believes the world needs you.
You can follow me on twitter @Guruscoach.
I look forward to reading your comments.