How to Earnestly Seek God in Life

How to seek God earnestly

  There is always a time in a man's life when he feels so lonely in the world despite the multitude of friends around him. 

That particular time is when a man seeks God in his life because he gets tired of making decisions and putting his selfish interest in front of everything.

   At this time in your life, you feel everything is getting twisted and confusing.  You easily get annoyed over trivial issues and cannot help your situation any longer.

Though you are aware that life challenges are weighing you down, getting that load off you is bigger than you.

   I have been there before, having continuous suicidal thoughts; a feeling of "Let's end it all"

As someone who has been there before, I can confidently say God is the only solution to all life challenges.

  You must have heard of this before and never believed it or may have some doubts concerning it.

I assure you that if you seek God earnestly, you will find him.

1.Fasting and Praying

  Daniel 9:3  And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes.

During the period of hardship in the land, Daniel turned to the Lord to seek God's face.

  And he did not just seek the face of God through any means, he followed a system in which past Generals like Elijah followed during their time.

Daniel seeked the face of God by fasting, prayer, sackcloth and ashes.

 This wasn't just anyhow a system of approaching God. It is an approved system of seeking the Face of God.

2. Worship

   This is a huge secret for anyone interested in knowing God the more. To seek God's face, I so much appreciate and understand the significance of worship.

  Worship is for climbing in the spirit, do you want to ascend to the holy of holies? Then utilize worship more than any other means of seeking God.  Worship is a way of linking heaven to you and it also Calls heaven's attention to you. When you worship, you are invoking God.

    It is just like when you enter a forest where all kinds of animals exist, and you earnestly wish to meet a wolf, you have to emit a wolf howl to call the Wolf's attention. So that is how worship also works. This is what David understood well and that's why God called David the apple of his eye because he understood very well the mystery of worship.

God inhabits the praises of his people because he wants all men to give glory to his name and being.

Not doing this is a sin, and doing it is a blessing to the doer. 

There is a song that says

"I will enter his gate, 

With Thanksgiving in my life,

I will enter his court with praise,

I will say this is the day that the Lord has made

I will rejoice for he has made me glad"

This is a song that shows the significance of worshipping God in every situation.

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3. Giving

   This is a huge spirituality weapon that is being under-utilized by Christians.

You read that right! Yes, it is being under utilized by Christians.

Giving can be used to get God's attention. The truth is that God has always been interested in helping us but our sins have kept us away from God.

When God said do not commit sin, do not steal, do not kill, do not tell lies, he has a reason. When you commit immoralities or any form of sin; you have only successfully made God handicap over your issues.

   He cannot just help you even if he has the feeling to do that, even if the urge is there. And that is because the accuser (devil) is always looking for our faults as evidence to make God helpless over our situations.

Just like how Satan went to meet God concerning Job, he was looking for Job’s faults just to have solid evidence to make God helpless over the situation.

  He is not just God but Judge over all. And not just a Judge, but a just and fair Judge.

So you cannot buy your way into his presence, not money, not eye-service; except you seek him in truth and in spirit.

I’m weighed down!!

I’m weighed with the urge to have you share this throughout the world. 

Just a share will go a long way.

Thank you and stay safe!!

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