Fascinating biography of Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye

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Biography of Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye

    Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye is the amiable wife of Damilola Mike Bamiloye, first born of Gloria Bamiloye and Mike Bamiloye.  Emmanuella is a medical doctor from the University of ibadan popularly known as UI.   

Before her marriage with Damilola, she has been involved in some of Mount Zion movies in which she performed excellently.  Since their marriage, she has been a great helping hand to both Damilola and even Mount Zion Ministry.

Presently, she is one of the people that runs "True talk", a program that is spirit filled that helps Christians overcome some challenges in their life.

 Here in this post, I will be sharing with you

  • The biography of Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye

  • Her early life and education

  • Her career

  • Her Family (the bamiloye family)

  • How we met - Damilola Mike Bamiloye and Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye

  • Her child - Gloria Mike Bamiloye

But before that let's do a quick scan about some of the details about her.

NAME: Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye ( Former surname Evbuoma)

DATE OF BIRTH:  August ( still in research)

TWIN BROTHER NAME: Emmanuel Evbuoma



MOTHER'S NAME; Mrs Evbuoma

EDUCATION:  studied Medicine and surgery in University of Ibadan

RELIGION: Christianity

HUSBAND NAME: Damilola Mike Bamiloye

OCCUPATION: A Medical Doctor, Drama Minister, script writer, script editor.

HER CHILD NAME: Gloria Mike Bamioye amongst other names. 


       Emmanuella was born in Edo state as a twin into the family of Mr and Mrs Evbuoma, a family based in Edo state. She was born as a twin and her twin brother's name is Emmanuel Evbuoma.

Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye was born in Edo state as her father was a native of Edo state and she also grew up there.


Presently, Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye is a medical doctor, script writer, script editor and even a dramatist.  She studied Medicine and surgery in one of the most sought after University in Nigeria, University of Ibadan (UI) which is located in Ibadan, a city in Oyo State western part of Nigeria.

She graduated from the reputable University of Ibadan in 2016.


Emmanuella Mike bamiloye career started in the last year of her education which was also the year in which she graduated.

      According to her, she has watched a lot of Mount Zion movies before and have always been blessed.   She also said that she has sent message to Damilola Mike bamiloye before in which she told him of her plan to become a drama minister but she said that she did not receive any reply.  Her desires was later triggered when she watched the Mount Zion movie titled " The ignition" which was directed by Damilola Mike bamiloye.
     The film talks about a young man that was mislead to leave the wife that God has prepared for him( Will of God) to another woman which he later started dating only to find out that he has made a mistake out of foolishness.
He later tried to come back to the wife that God wanted him to marry ( will of God) but it was too late.

     According to her, she has heard of the Drama institute before at Ile-ife but it was this film that triggered her motive to come to the institute.  She said that after watching the film " the ignition" and seeing the Mount Zion drama institute advert on television that she was motivated and her desire to attend the institute soared.

     After she finished her exams, she told her parents of her plans to attend the institute, she said that her daddy was not fully in support of her as it appears odd to him that after the whole time she spent In school studying medicine and surgery, she still wants to go to a drama institute. 
      Before she left, she went to greet a friend of hers that they finished secondary school together and he was advising her to hold on to God that that's the only thing that can help her.

    So she just told him her plans of attending the Mount Zion instuture, little did she know that that friend of hers is also a friend to Damilola Mike bamiloye.
So he called Damilola and told him that his friend will be coming to the institute but he did not State the gender and he also gave the phone to her to speak with Damilola but she was nervous and God helping her the call was disconnected before she could talk.
    But nevertheless, she was able to go in November, 2016 In which she started learning the art of ministering to God in drama.   She got really good with writing of scripts and she was given some roles to play in some of the movies they produced.
And that's how she started and today, she is one of the leading figures in the ministry.


      Emmanuella Mike bamiloye is one of the bamiloye family presently and she is the wife to the first son of Evangelists Mike and Gloria bamiloye.. She is being treated as one of them and these are other people in the family:

Mike Abayomi bamiloye, father of Damilola, Mike bamiloye - her father in law

Gloria Olusola Bamiloye,mother of Damilola Mike bamiloye  - her mother in law

Damilola Mike bamiloye which is her husband

Joshua Mike bamiloye, the second child in the family( younger brother of Damilola Mike bamiloye) who is married to Tolulope Mike bamiloye 

Darasimi Mike Bamiloye, the third and last child in the family who is married to Lawrence Oyor.

Heaven lyrics by Jaymikee


       She said that they met in a class and Damilola was a teacher in the institute and he taught them on Youth evangelism which everybody was touched by the teaching.   She said that after the class, she felt like reaching out to Damilola to say hello but she just thought that she should restrain herself so that she will not appear like someone that is desperate to be in a relationship with him.
      Meanwhile Damilola two different friends had called and told him that a lady who is a medical doctor will be coming to the institute, he was very surprised as these two friends did nit know each other.

So he was amazed, like who is this lady that everyone is talking about ?

But on one faithful day when he was having a conversation with one of his friends, she passed by.
So his friend introduced her to him saying  that she was a good script writer in his presence. 

     According to Damilola, he said Emmanuella was feeling shy probably because his friend did npt give her the chance to do the introduction by herself.

       That was how he told his parents when he got home and his father encouraged him to propose to her that if she says no then he should move on and continue praying.

       So he gathered the confidence and told her to see him  after the class, he dressed well and the conversation started but unfortunately, he was not able to say what he wanted to tell her as someone came to call him.

      Later he came back to her and told her that he will like to marry her, she was not expecting a confession from him but she still composed herself and told him that she will get back to him.
Later she told her parents and prayed over it and the marriage commenced in November 2018.

Presently, she is a strong support both to her husband and his ministry.


       Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye is happily married to Damilola Mike Bamiloye and they are both blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

    The names of the baby are: Gloria, Praise, Oluwasemiligo, Oluwatumininu,, Oluwaseyifunmi, Deborah, Osayuware, Oluwadamilare.

How old is Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye ?
Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye was born on the 

This is her biography, filled with ups and downs which when she fought properly resulted to vicrory for her and it is really a lesson for all to see and learn from.

I  wish you success in all your endeavors.

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