4 Steps to Achieving your Dreams - All it Takes

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Here am I seated with my new laptop wondering about how I have been able to enjoy little success in my business. It all started when I was 16. I have always had the dream of building an online business empire, though I have not achieved anything closer to my dream but I feel more closer than ever before in my life. The dreams looks much more visual and realistic to me and to say I feel am already living the dream and its no more dreams but my reality.
But after considering all that, I decided to write this to share with you how you can be more visualistic about your dreams. Pardon me cause I know using the word ‘Visualistic’ has no dictionary backup, but that just the word I can think of for now.

Everyone of us have got dreams and there are times that we wonder if it ever going to come into reality, if that idea is going to succeed, if you really have what it takes to achieve that dream.
I have come to you hiding behind the sounds of my keys the gospel of achieving big.

You have heard of great men who have achieved great even during the 18th century where there are little support to enhance the fulfillment of such dreams and permit me to say those were actually extraordinary things achieved by men.

How was phone invented?
That’s something that I have always wondered. How was it possible for man to achieve something of the complex system?
We are not far-fetched from the answers as there are always traces of what contributed to the success of great world leaders.
And of them is the ability to believe your ideas are real and can be achieved.
Its’ okay if no one trusts you because we all have different background, history and knowledge which influences the things we believe are possible and the things we are skeptical about.
And that’s just how the human brain operate, being influenced by past experiences; so do not try to force your ideas on anyone.
You have to give them the reason to believe in your idea.
But the moment you also don’t believe in what you do is the moment you fail.

So How do become more visualistic about your dreams?
Yes, that is the question for today.
How do you actually achieve this looking at so many reasons people have given you that your idea is a failure. So how do you actually achieve this?
Let get started.

1.    Write Down your Ideas
Have you got an idea? Then write it down the moment you get the inspiration. There is no restriction to places where you can get good ideas of what to do.
You could be in a bus and get an inspiration of something that might solve a problem or atleast reduce the effect of not solving the problem.
So in essence, you need to have a pen and a book with you wherever you go. Yes, a lot of people would actually argue that cell phones are there to get your ideas noted.
But the truth is that there is a magic that tends to follow scribbling down your ideas in your note book.
Well, that magic I cant explain.
So when next you are going out ensure you have a pen and a note book in your bag or a sheet of paper in your pocket.
So this is what I know as guiding and protecting your ideas.

2.    Carry out research
Yes, just because you have got an ideas does not mean you are bound to succeed. You now need to make your research on what it takes in carrying it out.
And also you have to find out if there are other cheaper alternatives to your ideas.
The main purpose of carrying out your research is to have a good and valuable cause to pursue your idea and have the confidence that you are not wasting your time.
Human life is short and no one would want to risk wasting it on unnecessary and unrealistic ideas.
Though unrealistic sometimes does not mean it is unachievable but means that its takes more knowledge and patience and even discerning spirit to achieve.
There are men who have done something that would have been seen unrealistic before, an example is invention of space ship.

3.    Create Strategies to Achieve your Ideas
Now that you know that your idea is valuable, the next thing you need to do is to create strategies to help you in achieving the success you crave.
So now you need to engage in critical thinking in order to come up with plans on achieving your ideas. While this might be seen as a difficult task, it is not. But it requires you to be very strategic and cautious in reading facts.

And if you have a team you can engage everybody in critical thinking then note every single point being share by your team. Do not make the idea of trashing someone’s idea because you think that its not going to work.

Just take your time and note every idea being shared and have them explain why they think that might work.
At the end of the game, you can seat down and rethink everything written down over and over again until you find more light on what you are opting for.
Then you can have your smart strategy work you up the ladder of achieving your dreams.

4.    Be Careful of whom you share your ideas with
Not everyone deserve to hear about your idea. Some just need to hear about it after it has been successful and that would make them respect you.

But if you are to happy to share your idea with everyone, then you might have many more reasons why your ideas will not succeed.
The more people you share it with, the more criticism you get.
So the best way of avoiding critisicm is to limit the people you share your ideas with.
I am a victim of this, I tend to share my idea with everyone anytime I have the opportunity to and the consequence is that I face more head block than ever before.

So have you ever lived your dreams before? Share with me what are the things you did. I would love to learn from you. (knowledge is power and sharing is the best use of knowledge).

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