What is Your Priority? Set the Right Priority

Setting Priority Right with Akinduyo

Priority is the order you place your life activites, tasks, duties and even people in your life. Priority is a respect of order and time. When referring to priority you need to think about time too.

Wait!! The person in the picture above is me.

You are supposed to be in School but you are still lying down in bed hoping to get some rest. You have gotten your priority wrong, though the latter is not a crime, it is a sin to your innerself and to the people responsible for your life.

Either you like it or not, at a point some set of people are responsible for your life, I'm referring to your parents, your spouse, and God.

Your parents are responsible for your life when you were still young and growing, they were once sponsoring most things in your life and you owe them an explanation.

When you are supposed to be in School and you are still in your bed, then you have not done the right thing at all.

And the same thing goes for your spouse. You are both responsible for one another. And when referring to responsibility, priority is of essence.

Let dive into what it takes to set your priority right.

What is your priority?

Have you set your life priority straight? There are a lot of people in life that do not have the right priority and they are always doing the right thing at the wrong time.

Doing the right thing at the wrong time is the same things as doing the wrong thing. So this is why you need to consider setting your priority right.

Take your time and think about what your priority should be. And the only way to get this done is to think about those things you are trying to achieve, and then think about what needs to be done to achieve them.

What do you think will be your biggest failure in life and that would cause you regrets for life?

This would not be an easy thing to think off, but you are better off answering this now before it is too late. What would your biggest regret be? and what do you think will earn the badge for your biggest failure in life?

I have always been scared to answer this! But I would use myself as an example in this part.

As for me, my biggest regret would be not inheriting the Kingdom of God. It would be an irreversible event if I do not make it to heaven and this is what I fear the most.

And my biggest failure should have been the same, but I will try to make it less spirirtual to you. My biggest failure would be not impacting lives like I would always love to.

And guess what?

Spending some few hours in the morning to come up with a post to inspire lives is one of the ways I plan to impact lives.

But much more than that, my aim is to millions of lives through my words, spoken speech, books and also through my life achievements.

So you have to answer this question too yourself. What would be your biggest failure in life? Then that should be your biggest priority in life.

They can be two, three but should not be up to four. The rest should come beneath your most priority.

Not Setting your Priority Straight is  a Sin

Yes a lot of people think that therer is nothing wrong with not setting a priority. They see setting priority as an option or a choice you choose to do or not.

But the truth is that you need to set priority in order to get things done rightly. Even God so much emphasize on priority, He condemns anyone that make images as their gods, and those that serve man-made gods.

That is prioity.

You need to put God above all thing. He should be the first in your Life. Every other things should come beneath.

That is where Priority begins from.

So not prioritizing right is a sin. Because you get everything mixed up including God. Do not mix God with everything, put him first.

Priority Will Make you a Better Version of YourSelf

Have you ever met a man that is well principled and does everything according to his own principle?

They are always cute and attractive.

They look like a genius even though they are not.

This is what Priority does to you. It helps you to become a better version of yourself.

If you take your time to make a list of priority that becomes your principle, you will be able to live close to your dream life without feeling challenged or sold.

So do your best to set your priority straight.

You do Things in Line with God's Time

Yes, when your priorities are right and aligned with the Bible; you get to do things inline with God's time. So you dont really need to be bothered by what is God doing right now in my life?

You get to fully understand and also know what God is doing per time in your life. And this is because your priority is inline with what God has planned for you.

In essence if you put God first and you do the right thing by running along with your dream through the help of a priority list; you are eventually working as per God's time.
Achievements Become a Daily Routine

A Splendid Life

Though therer are a lot of life challenges that can weigh you down and also think that God is not on the throne; with a priority list you should not get distracted with life challenges but get busy with what's next on your priority list.

And if you practise this consistently, you get to enjoy a splendid life that other people willget 
Finally, you get to enjoy a splendid life.

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