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Women are Stronger than Men - Don't Fight It

Before you call me out on this, hear out my own view on this. Today being the day we are celebrating international womens' day is the best day to share this post. Whenever I look at how strong women are, I am shocked at how they are wired. To start with, everyone of us can relate to the pains women go through during labour. I am a science guy that reads a lot about the science of the body. Looking at the labour women go through during delivery, it is more than enough to win the argument that women are more stronger than men. Forget about the strong bones that men claim to have and the six packs they carry all around using it as a measure of their strength. Those are nothing and cannot save a man from crying when he faces emotional crisis. During delivery, husbands get more scared about the whole process and some even feel more pain than the labour pain. Love experts will call that true love for their wives. But it is no different from being emotionally weak.

4 Steps to Achieving your Dreams - All it Takes

Here am I seated with my new laptop wondering about how I have been able to enjoy little success in my business. It all started when I was 16. I have always had the dream of building an online business empire, though I have not achieved anything closer to my dream but I feel more closer than ever before in my life. The dreams looks much more visual and realistic to me and to say I feel am already living the dream and its no more dreams but my reality. But after considering all that, I decided to write this to share with you how you can be more visualistic about your dreams. Pardon me cause I know using the word ‘Visualistic’ has no dictionary backup, but that just the word I can think of for now. Everyone of us have got dreams and there are times that we wonder if it ever going to come into reality, if that idea is going to succeed, if you really have what it takes to achieve that dream. I have come to you hiding behind the sounds of my keys the gospel of achieving big. You

Choosing a Career, Money and Passion: A Simple Advice

You know what? There is too much noise in the world that we find it difficult to hear our inner voice. We listen to the voices of others and cannot differentiate our voice from the crowd. That is the world we now live in. And this has affected our lives greatly. I am now referring to our career. We choose a career based on how lucrative and not on the impact we want to make. Do not argue it. You are guilty of this. We now live our lives based on statistics not on purpose. And that is the truth. You know this, I know this; we know this. But could there be any negative effect on that? And yes there is more danger in listening to the world and not listening to your inner voice. That is what I am going to emphasize here. According to statistics,             Many people now search for “most lucrative career, courses” on the internet. And have someone with no achievement feed them nonsense and mislead them. I have been there before. While

What is Your Priority? Set the Right Priority

Priority is the order you place your life activites, tasks, duties and even people in your life. Priority is a respect of order and time. When referring to priority you need to think about time too. Wait!! The person in the picture above is me. You are supposed to be in School but you are still lying down in bed hoping to get some rest. You have gotten your priority wrong, though the latter is not a crime, it is a sin to your innerself and to the people responsible for your life. Either you like it or not, at a point some set of people are responsible for your life, I'm referring to your parents, your spouse, and God. Your parents are responsible for your life when you were still young and growing, they were once sponsoring most things in your life and you owe them an explanation. When you are supposed to be in School and you are still in your bed, then you have not done the right thing at all. And the same thing goes for your spouse. You are both responsible for o

How to Earnestly Seek God in Life

There is always a time in a man's life when he feels so lonely in the world despite the multitude of friends around him. That particular time is when a man seeks God in his life because he gets tired of making decisions and putting his selfish interest in front of everything. At this time in your life, you feel everything is getting twisted and confusing. You easily get annoyed over trivial issues and cannot help your situation any longer. Though you are aware that life challenges are weighing you down, getting that load off you is bigger than you. I have been there before, having continuous suicidal thoughts; a feeling of " Let's end it all" As someone who has been there before, I can confidently say God is the only to all life challenges. You must have heard of this before and never believed it or may have some doubts concerning it. I assure you that if you seek God earnestly, you will find him. Fasting and Praying Daniel 9:3  And I set

Pursue, Overtake and Recover - 7 Biblical Rules of Success

Pursue, Overtake and Recover – 7 Biblical Rules of Success Are you ready to pursue your dream and live your dream life? Then pursue, overtake and recover. That was the command God gave to David in the bible, When David lost everything upon his return. Christianity has now been misinterpreted with a lot of false teachers teaching prosperity messages without going into depth. They tell you that when you give a seed faith, then God will wrought wonders in your life, but they did not tell you that you need to be a strong believer of Jesus. You cannot buy God’s miracle and prosperity, neither do you merit it. But through faith in the Jesus and following the other principles in the Bible will you then achieve it. Actually there are many principles in the Bible for various things on the earth. The principles in the Bible are like scripts for unlocking the various aspects in life. So in this post, I will be sharing with you 7 principles in achieving success. Pursuing, overtaki