Women are Stronger than Men - Don't Fight It

happy women day

Before you call me out on this, hear out my own view on this.

Today being the day we are celebrating international womens' day is the best day to share this post.

Whenever I look at how strong women are, I am shocked at how they are wired.

To start with, everyone of us can relate to the pains women go through during labour. I am a science guy that reads a lot about the science of the body.

Looking at the labour women go through during delivery, it is more than enough to win the argument that women are more stronger than men.

Forget about the strong bones that men claim to have and the six packs they carry all around using it as a measure of their strength.

Those are nothing and cannot save a man from crying when he faces emotional crisis.

During delivery, husbands get more scared about the whole process and some even feel more pain than the labour pain.

Love experts will call that true love for their wives.

But it is no different from being emotionally weak.

Wait let leave this issue of delivery alone and pick the argument from another direction.

Women are emotionally strong.

Most women have a big heart.

That is something only few men have, a big heart.

A woman does better in handling multiples things without feeling overwhelmed and are also emotionally intelligent.

A woman knows how to attend to everyone without making you feel neglected, atleast the kind ones.

You know what?

Whenever I see how stay-at-home moms handle the house chores, I am forced to admit that most of the work we claim to do at work are nothing compared to house chores.

You dont still believe me?

Then try partaking in house chores from today onward and let her have this month as her rest day.

Only then will you understand that women are stronger.

Atleast, if this doesnt look like your wife, mom, it surely looks like mine.

I did not mean to cast my fellow men, I only want my fellow men to know how much their woman is trying.

So always try to be nice to her, take care of her needs and listen to her stories (women love stories).

Happy International Womens' Day

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