GDTV is an acronym for Guruscoach Distribution Television.

It is a subsidiary of Guruscoach Media which is owned by Akinduyo Eniola a serial entrepreneur and influencer.

GDTV was founded to fill in the gap in the entertainment industry. It is not another news website. Neither is it a school info site.

It is that site that mixes entertainment with personal development.

How can you use your crave for entertainment to develop yourself?

That was the question I asked that made me come up with GDTV.

On GDTV you will find movie reviews, and all movies are sorted according to their theme.

On GDTV, you will find successful entertainment figures that you can learn from and also look up to. On GDTV we will be holding your hands by curating interesting entertainment stories for you to read.

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 3. Visit this blog on tuesdays and fridays to read inspiring stories of entertaining figures and inspiring brands.

And on the rest of the days for movie review, interesting stories, etc.


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