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    Darasimi Mike Bamiloye is a script writer, script editor, spoken word artist, director and film producer.
      Darasimi Mike bamiloye is the third child of Gloria Bamiloye and Mike Bamiloye - Cofounders of Mount zion drama ministry, her identity doubles as she is not only a daughter to Mike and Gloria bamiloye but also a daughter to Mount Zion Drama Ministry.
       Out of the three children of her parents, she is the only girl and unexpectedly happened to also be the last born of the house. 

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      The following are some of the recent news about darasimi:


Darasimi got married to Lawrence Oyor on the 10th of October, 2020.

   The marriage stirred a lot of surprise and amazement as many people said they did not see this coming

    Both of them that want to marry each other are both role models and great leading figure in the Christian society, so getting married to each other was undoubtedly not something ordinary.

   According to Lawrence, he said that he proposed to darasimi in the month of April, 2018 but she only accepted his proposal on the 25th of August, 2018.

Finally the wedding took place on Saturday 10th of October, 2020 at the Glory Tabernacle Ministry Church, bethel Land Ojurin Bodija Ibadan.

  TIME : 11:00am

   Darasimi was 23 years old while Lawrence was 28 years old as at the time they married.

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   As we all knoe, darasimi is a spoken word artist and that is one of her identity.
   Not only is she gifted in writing scripts, editing scripts and acting but she is also gifted in spoken word presentation.
   We have seen her talent in time past with the likes of presentations like "the story of a lady" and , "Matrimony" .
  Recently, darasimi released a new spoken word presentation which is life -changing.   In the spoken word presentation, she said that human beings are created to worship God, she furthermore went ahead to describe human beings as walking worship.
  The spoken word presentation was very powerful and life changing, even I can't help but to admire her  when i listened to it.


   Her full name is Oluwadarasimi Mike Bamiloye and she was born on the 14th of May, 1997.
     Darasimi was born into a Christian family based in Ibadan, a city in the western part of Nigeria where both parents are Religious leaders.
Darasimi is called "Bamiloye princess" by her siblings as she is the only girl amidst two boys which are Damilola Mike Bamiloye and Joshua Mike Bamiloye



      Darasimi studied English language in the prestigious Babcock University.

    She graduated in the year 2017 and went for the compulsory National Service Youth Corps NYSC program for one year in Kebbi state.

    According to Mike Bamiloye, darasimi got broken, pruned, shed down, trimmed, trained and taught by the Holy Spirit. Used by God and helped by the Holy Spirit.       

  While she was in Kebbi state, she became the NCCF Drama director and she also seized the opportunity to produce a movie there.

  The title of the movie is Land of fury, the movie talks about how God used his mighty hand to save children and people from kidnapping.    

    Her siblings and the other crew members of Mount zion drama ministry brought the equipment needed to shoot the movie all the way from Ibadan.


      Her career began when she wrote her first movie in 2017 titled  Haunted and her father gave her the lead role to play in the movie.

        At first, Gloria was being skeptical (doubting) about the fact that darasimi can perform the role.   She later took the role and performed excellently making everyone surprised and amazed.

    She is fond of working with her immediate elder brother (Joshua) in singing some of the tracks used in movie production.

       Darasimi has an outstanding personality ; she appears beautiful and stunning despite the fact that she hardly use makeup, has a good sense of dressing modestly and also resembles her mother, Gloria.

     Darasimi speaks English correctly and fluently with the right di iction and pronunciation.

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  The following movies are the list of the movies in which she has either featured in or directed 

Captives of the Mighty – little bride

Sunset at mid day

Journey in a circle

Haunted and so on

        HER POEMS

The following are some if the poems that she has written:


      The story of a lady






   Let's take a quick look at the way the darasimi and Lawrence oyor met

   According to Lawrence, he said that he had a ministration In Kebbi state and Kebbi state happened to be where darasimi was serving.

  He furthermore said that he had her in mind when he was going to Kebbi state .

       So they both met in Kebbi state and t Lawrence continued praying to know whether she was the one for him.

    After praying for one year, he proposed to her April 2018, she also prayed over it and accepted his proposal on the 25th of August, 2018 before they did their marriage on the 10th of October, 2020.


Mother of Mount Zion Ministry



 Darasimi is the third and last born in the family.

  She is the only girl in the family, her other two siblings are;

  Damilola Mike Bamiloye who is married to Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye   AND

  Joshua Mike Bamiloye popularly known as jaymike who is married to Tolulope Mike Bamiloye.


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