Life changing biography of Gloria Olusola bamiloye


        Gloria Mike bamiloye was born on the 4th if February 1964. She is 57 years as at 2021.
 Gloria was born in ilesa but grew up in ibadan and Lagos State.    
        Gloria Bamiloye is the vice president of Mount Zion drama ministries and she is a mother to daràimi, damilola and Joshua mike bamiloye and at the same time, a mother to all those who are in mount Zion.  Her full name is Gloria Olusola bamiloye
    She is a woman that is always praised by her husband meaning her service in her home is a complete success.
     According to mike bamiloye, he said Gloria is a woman that will sit down to train her children even to the extent of monitoring what they eat, how they eat and what they watch.



  Gloria Bamiloye was born into a Muslim family based in Ilesa, Osun state.  She gave her life to Christ when her elder brother  gave his life to Christ and  changed to be a Christian.  
      Her elder brother conversion was a platform for her own salvation. 
     She read her secondary education in Ilesa and went to college of education Ilesa where she studied English language and Christian Religious studies.
When Gloria was in college, she joined the drama group that is in the school fellowship where she worked for God valiantly and diligently.
The drama group in the school fellowship use to plan and present stage dramas in the fellowship and they even extended the drama presentation to other school.
One day, an old executive who used to be the head of the drama group in the fellowship before came back to the fellowship to greet them.
The alumni ( old executive ) happened to be Mike Bamiloye and that was where they met but that was not all.
Gloria bamiloye went to the divisional teachers training college at ipetumodu where she was trained to become a qualified teacher.
  Gloria wanted to be a teacher but God had a better plan for her which she dies not know about.  
   She wanted to evangelize to people but she never knew that God wanted to use her through drama presentation.   


      The relationship between Gloria Bamiloye and Mike Bamiloye has something to do with the establishment of Mount ziom ministry.    
   After the two of them knew each other, mike Bamiloye who has been praying for a life partner had a hint that she might be the one God has ordained to be his life partner.
       He started praying again and after a while he got the confirmation. After this, he summoned the courage and proposed to her and she also in turn told him that she will go and pray over it so that God will tell her whether he is the one or not 

       After a month,  she accepted his proposal and that same day the both if them officially established Mount zion drama ministry.   Though it was only the two of them that were there and it was just like an ordinary one, God still recorded it for them.

       After establishing the ministry, they started reaching out to churches and other Religious places and presenting their dramas.   After three years of establishing Mount zion ministry they decided to marry.
Though at first there were opposition's from their parents as they don't want Gloria to marry a man that does not have a job only  a drama ministry which has not started bringing any income to them even mike bamiloye's sister does not want them to marry because of this same reason.
         This oppodition continued but the marriage eventually took place because of the persistence if the two of them.
      This can be very surprising because opposite to the thinking of most young Christian sisters they all want to marry a rich man not a man prepared by God for them to marry.


  Their marriage took place on the 8th of August, 1988, at the time when they married Mike Bamiloye was just 28 years old while Gloria was 24 years old
During the time of raising her children she said the poverty was too much and poverty made them eat corn three times a day.
The corn is always prepared in different ways, she said they ate corn as pap and even as rice.
           While they persevered, Mount zion continued to grow and things seem to be getting better but at a sliw Pace.
 Finally in the long run, God blessed them and the ministry and here they are today richly blessed by God.
Mount zion ministry has gone world wide, they have gone overseas to shoot drama several times and it is a renowned gospel drama ministry both in Nigeria, Africa and even world wide.


      Gloria has written some books out of her experience as a successful woman both in the home and ministerially.
She is a source of encouragement and undoubtedly a role model to many people.
 She usually advise mothers to be faithful in their service as a mother and even to be faithful as a wife.
 She also advised ladies to always be patient and prayerful as God knows what they are passing through and if they can wait on God he will surely bring the right husband for them.
The following are the books she wrote:
A Successful Ministerial Life in Drama Ministry – 2001
 Anxiety of Single Sisters – 2002
 Minister and His Wife – 2008
Questions of Life for the Singles – 2018
 A Balance Between Marriage and Ministry – 2018
Questions of Life for the Married – 2018
Singles with a Difference – 2018


         Gloria Bamiloye has featured in, produced and directed a lot of films and these include:

The Stormy Seas (Part 1 – 4) – 200

 The costly Game – 2009

Secret of the Moment – 2012

The Spell – 2013

The Stranger – 2014

Ajoji Emi – 2014

House on Fire (Part 1 – 6) – 2016

A Phase in Time – 2017

Blank Card – 2017

Ewa Inu – 2018

Inner Beauty – 2018

And many others



         Today Gloria is happily married and ble
ssed with three wonderful children namely Damilola Mike Bamiloye being the first born seconded by Joshua Mike Bamiloye who is popularly known as jaymike and lastly darasimi Gomba Oyor.
   Damilola Mike Bamiloye is happily married to Emmanuella Bamiloye while Joshua Mike Bamiloye is married to Tolulope Bamiloye and darasimi is married to Lawrence Gonna Oyor.


 We should not always look at our beginning because most times it will appear small but instead we should look at the greater future.

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