Interesting biography of Damilola Mike Bamiloye

   Interesting biography of Damilola Mike Bamiloye

   There is no doubt about the  impact that the Bamiloye family has in Nigeria as a whole and even across the continent (Africa).  
     The fact that the  bamiloye family is still a strong source of encouragement to christians despite what Nigeria has become today is reason enough to call them heroes 
       Damilola Mike Bamiloye being the first born in the family and also a role model for his younger ones to follow has not left the goal of his family and is still upholding the goal and prestige of his family. 

      Presently, damilola has released and directed a lot of movies that has made great impact on the society. he owns a YouTube channel through which he uploads some of the films that mount Zion produces.  

      In this article, I will be showing you how damilola made it to where he is today.  

 Biography of Damilola Mike Bamiloye                                 

        His full name is  Michael Ilerioluwa Damilola Mike Bamiloye.
      Damilola was born on the 16th of September, 1989 into the bamiloye family as the first born and also as the first born of Mount Zion Ministries which was founded by Mike Bamiloye and Gloria Bamiloye.
    He was born in Ilesa spent his early childhood days In Ibadan which also happened to be where they are living presently.
  Presently, damilola mike bamiloye is a script writer script editor, move director, movie producer and of course he is in charge of film cinematography( In charge of shooting films).
       Damilola is married to Emmanuelle Mike bamiloye.


      Damilola was born on the 16th of September, 1989 in Ilesa, Osun state which also happened to be where his dad came from.  Dammy as he is also called was born into a Christian home based in Ibadan where he had a good chunk of his early childhood in Ibadan.
          He is the first  born and at the same time also the first male child in the family which makes his value and worth in the family more visible.
     In an interview,  he said that at a time in his life, he found It difficult to obey his parents and often times found himself unruly and disobedient but God captured him and changed his life for forever.
He gave his life to Christ in his teenage days where he started to serve God and work for him.


    Damilola Mike Bamiloye had his secondary education at Oritamefa Baptist Model school.
    He went to study Mass communication in Bowen university where he graduated in 2012 and later went for the compulsory National Service Youth Corps (NYSC) in Imo state where God also used him exceedingly great for the ministry.   
        In Imo state where he served, he produced a movie titled "Shadows of death"  
   After the compulsory NYSC program, he started to serve as Mike bamiloye's PA (Personal Assistant) according to a divine instruction he received in Imo state.
   His service as the personal assistant of his father was just like a training ground for him which in turn sharpened him and prepared him for what is ahead. 


      His journey as a movie producer began from his early life where he mimicked the moves of his dad and demonstrated the moves the same way.  
         He grew in the ministry and later started to copy his dad's script before he gained independence and startd writing his own scripts.
    The first movie he acted was at the age of 15 and the movie was titled "Youthful lust" where he played the major role as a boy who was enticed by friends to deception and worldly things but later rejected the offer and did not join them where his friend Marshall was lured into deception and ended badly.
  The movie was a hit among secondary school students in 2005.
When he went for his NYSC program in Imo state, he produced a movie titled "Shadows of death" which was acted in Imo state. 
         The crew members of Mount Zion drama ministries came with the equipment needed for the movie creation and came all the way from Ibadan. The movie was directed personally by Mike Bamiloye (damilola's father)
      Damilola got his breakthrough when he went with his family to Australia,. When they got there, they wanted to shoot a film there but discovered that they have no cameraman. 
    Dammy took it upon himself to browse on how to shoot videos and films and also chatted up those experts who have been in the job for long.
      That was how he continued until he became perfect at it 
  Presently, he is the Director of Photography, Mount Zion Ministries.


         Damilola mike Bamiloye has produced a lot of  movies which are as follows:


Land of fury

Shadows of death

The train


          Apart from these movies, damilola is also known for his short skits on his YouTube channel like ‘Pepper Love’, ‘The Table is Set’ ‘The Professional Actor’, ‘The Sore’, ‘A Minute More’, ‘The Grand Thief’, Empty Proposal’, ‘She dey look Me’, ‘Head Cut’, ‘A Hundred Thousand’, ‘Check Up’, "Late Work"                              
     In  2020, during the pandemic outbreak, damilola produced  a movie titled"The Train" which is he true life story of his father, Mike Bamiloye 
      The film was a hit and ranked first in YouTube Nigeria chart and remained on the chart for two weeks. The movie hit 1 million views during two weeks and as at 6th of June, it hit 1,397,365 and it is currently at 2 million views and of course still counting. 
      He released a series film titled "Abattoir" which actually got most of his subscribers attached to his YouTube channel and It also increased the number of us subscribers.  
       The movie was produced with the combined effort of him and his immediate younger brother, Joshua mike bamiloye.                      
          The movie entails the problems that new converts face when they become christians and problems that arise from the kingdom of the enemy.  The movie also teaches faith, prayer and trust.
         Damilola helped Mount Zion grow on the internet, he developed modernized methods of marketing and creating much more awareness than before 
   He partnered with his brilliant younger brother, Joshua to create new themes designs, new cover designs and perfect movie tracks coupled with restlessly sharing them on social media platforms that also helped Mount Zion to grow from strength to strength.

     As we all know, Damilola is the first born followed by Joshua mike Bamiloye who is married to Tolulope mike bamiloye and their last born  Darasimi mike bamiloye (Oyor)who is married to Lawrence Gomba Oyor.  
          Just like him, his siblings are also ministry - ready and are vibrant for the lord.



     Damilola Mike Bamiloye is married to Dr Emmanuella Mike bamiloye who is a medical doctor, blogger and dramatist.
        Damilola said that he met her in a class where he happened to be the teacher. He said the day he saw her he already knew that she was he one for him and the class was more interesting for him than the way It used to be.  
      He said over and over again, his eyes kept shifting to the tall fair lady sutted at one side of the class. From that day he started praying towards It and of course also exercising patience.
    It was about two years later in  2018 that his long awaited moment came and they got married.
   Emmanuella said that she was not expecting a proposal from the "Almighty Damilola".
   Today, they are happily married with a beautiful daughter named Gloria, Praise, Oluwasemiligo, Oluwatumininu,        Oluwaseyifunmi, Deborah, Osayuware, Oluwadamilare.
   According to him, he said "I am highly passionate about making movies that preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am only carrying out the plan of God and reaching the simplest community unit which is the family.”


       You can reach out to damilola on the following platforms:

FACEBOOK  @damilolamikebamiloye



@ Damilola Mike Bamiloye 

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