Mike Bamiloye Biography, Early life and education

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Mike Bamiloye biography

Mike Bamiloye Biography, Early life and education, Career and ministry, children

         Mike Bamiloye is a script writer, movie producer, director, actor and indeed a great

man of God that God uses to bless our generation.

Michael Abayomi Bamiloye popularly known as Mike Bamiloye was born on the 13th of April, 1960. 

Mike Bamiloye is happily married to Gloria Bamiloye with three wonderful children; Damilola Mike 

Bamiloye, Joshua Mike Bamiloye and Darasimi Mike  Bamiloye.

      Mike Bamiloye is the founder of Mount zion drama Ministries int’l.

The ministry started as every other ministry and today it is one of the top Gospel drama ministries 

preaching Jesus to the world.

Recent news about Mike Bamiloye


       Mike Bamiloye being a great minister of God has not stopped because of his former achievement 

and has continued to preach and evangelize Jesus to the world.

Here are some recent news about him

Their wedding anniversary




      Mike Bmamiloye recently celebrated his 32nd marriage anniversary with Gloria Bamiloye.

In the post he shared on Instagram, he told us of his pre wedding story of how he faced many 

difficulties while trying to marry her.  He went on to describe how Gloria was not afraid of marrying 

him despite his predicament.

Read what he said,

The man she said she would marry had no tangible job but acting of drama up and down. The families 

were so skeptical and would have rejected this plan, but this young boy and girl said they wanted to 

marry. This girl was entering into a future which only God knew.


"Me: 28 Years Old. Full time drama minister and no other job. Owing my Landlord about nine months 

house-rent at the time I entered into full time ministry. It was Families who rose up to support this 

wedding o. Because, me, I had nothing. No money, no nothing.

"It was my Big Sister who rented our first house for us, so that we would not come and be living in her 

house. And it was my wife's Uncle who gave a little money to do some little things. It was my Best 

Man who bought my Suit, Shirt, and tie. It was my Wife's Aunty who sent us the Shoes I wore from 

America. It was one of our ministry members who gave us the money we deposited for the Wedding 

gown, because we had gone to three places where we wanted to rent a Wedding Gown for N500. It was 

the money we saved we used to deposit for our furniture for the living room.

Fast forward to many year

This girl has  still remained faithful, and still follows the young man up and down.

still remains submissive and understanding\

And now today, this young innocent girl is still following this young man up and down around the 


And even till yesterday

Even up till today and tomorrow

Happy wedding anniversary.

His early life and education


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Early life and education

          Michael Abayomi Bamioye was born on 13th of April, 1960. He was born in Ilesha, ogun state, 

Nigeria. Avayomi lost his mother when he was only four years old.  His mother left him into the care of 

his sister now Pastor Mrs Felicia Adepeju Adesiyan who took care of him.. Abayomi grew up without 

the care of a mother and at a young age he involved himself in bad acts like stealing.  He would go into 

the house of people in the community to steal and he was pretty known for that.

      He started primary school; at the age of seven at a primary school in Ilesha where he did primary 

one and two. He went on to read his primary three at Ile Ife after that he moved to Oyo state where he 

read his primary four and five and he later completed his primary education at Agege.

  He went back to Mushin where he read his form one and two, later he proceeded to complete his 

secondary education at Ile ife.

  He studied at college of education ilesha, Osun state. He went to divisional teachers training college, 

Ipetumodu, Osun state where he began his career.

He went to college of education to obtain his NCE from 1980 to 1983 after which he did his NYSC 

from 1984 to 1985.

Of course, the part of his reconciliation with God cannot be forgotten. Abayomi has always involved 

himself in different bad acts until a day when he was told the great suffering that sinners will experience 

and  was assured about the blessings and eternal life that await those who accept Jesus as their personal 

lord and saviour.

He gave his life to Christ when he was fifteen years old and he also joined the school fellowship as one 

of their members to worship with them and also  to spread the gospel.

After graduating from secondary school, Mike Bamiloye did not stop proclaiming Jesus. When he got 

to college, he started writing scripts, making short playlets and dramas in college.       This continued as 

he extended his drama to other colleges. That was how God was using him to bless the people in the 


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Career and ministry

          He was a teacher  working in a secondary school. But while he continued to do this work, he 

noticed that he was not on the right lane and he was not fulfilling God's plan for his life.

So he thought about it and decided to resign from the job dispute having not seen another place to work 

or another reliable source of income.

The inspiration to become a drama minister started from college when a prayer was led in one of their 

rehearsals and they all prayed for him that God will bless his ministry and take him to a greater place. 

Since then he has been moving with the vision and knew that it was genuinely God’s plan for his life 

and he was going to follow it.

    During those times, the dramas that were popular were all sorts of occult films that promoted all 

forms of witchcraft and wizardry and all they pointed to was the need to fra those that had evil powers. 

None of those films and movies demonstrated the power of God. So all the films were mostly those 

films and no one bothered to take it upon themselves and create films demonstrating the power of God . 

So Mike Bamiloye saw his vision out of all this and knew that this is what God wants him to do.


Bamiloye wife


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     Mike Bamiloye was growing and it was time for him to know the woman that God had chosen for 

his life. This was not an easy thing for him to do.

All the sisters he approached were all refusing his proposals. It got to a point that he was tired of this 

and it has even become a thing of shame for him.

He continued praying and a day came when he met Miss Olushola Obembe, who joined their 

fellowship and was also part of the drama group he was directing.

The two of them met and after praying the both of them knew  that they are destined by God to be 

together..  He proposed to her and she finally accepted his proposal.The both of them prayed and they 

declared that day the official establishment of Mount zion ministries.

Mount zion ministry was established on the 4th of August, 1985.

After the proposal was accepted, he gathered members and they prayed together for the newly 

established ministry..

     The two of them told their parents about the wedding and they all assembled to gather for a 

meeting.   The marriage was rejected when the family heard that Mike doesn't have a job because at that 

time he had left his teaching job to pursue the plan of God for his life.

Both families disagree on the wedding leaving Mike Bamiloye and his soon to be wedded wife in a 

confusion. Because the.y all believed that if at all you want to work for God, Drama is not what you can 

call a ministry.

And no one wanted to believe that frama was a ministry at that time.

This is amusing that a girl can actually agree to marry a man when she knows too well in herself that he 

does not have a job.

. Surprisingly the two of them insisted that they are going to marry each other. When both families saw 

that the two of them were determined, they finally agreed.

The marriage was held on the 8th of October, 1988.  Most of the things that were used for the marriage 

were sponsored by the two families as Mike Bamiloye did not have any money.


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       In 1986, they launched their first Mount Zion first drama titled “Hell in conference” at the redeem 

camp.  The program was anchored by Pastor Adeboye that was five years after he was ordained as the 

General overseer of Redeem christian church of God.(RCCG)

The special manifestation of the holy spirits during the drama opened a new chapter  in the ministry that 

was just unfolding.

Discouragement from people:

      When he was just starting his ministry, he received discouragement from all angles as people did 

not believe in these so-called dramas. Even his own church elders and pastor called him into a meeting t

o know the plan for this ministry because it was strange to them as there was nothing like gospel drama 

ministry at that time,

So they all assumed that drama is not a ministry and it is not something that he can go into.

But despite all this, he stood his ground and did not allow anyone to change his decision.

This is a big lesson to learn in life - to be strong in heart always.


          As their journey in life proceeded, they experienced rough and tough times.

At that time, their ministries had gone from church to church, community to community, state to state a

nd all over the place in Nigeria. Even though they seemed to be progressing, they were still i


They were also progressing little by little.

There was a time that some of their dramas were recorded by video  marketers who took it to sell t

hereby making their name well known throughout Nigeria.

This movie”The unprofitable servant” was also recorded by a man who took it to an NTA station in 

Tejuosho, Lagos.

Agbara nla



    As their ministry was growing and expanding everyday they continued to release more drama and 

movies. Through their ministries and movies, many great people have been raised and trained thereby 

adding to their crew.

Mike Bamiloye however became well and popularly known when he released this Nigeria Christian 

movie, “Agbara Nla”, a Yoruba movie that talks about the ultimate power of God.

The movie  soon turned him to a household name in the entire South West parts of Nigeria, when its 

English version, “The Ultimate Power” was produced in 1994..


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         In 1886, he made an initiative to form an association that unites al Nigerian gospel actors and movie makers.

They formed an association called “All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers” 

(ANCEDRAM) and he was elected as the chairman even up to date..

This opens up a new chapter een across the world, this also gave birth to other associations across west 

Africa and South Africa.

He als formed another association in America - North American Conference of Evangelical Drama and 

Film Ministers (NACEDRAM). UK Christian Drama Ministers Association, of which he is the Founder 

and Head of their Advisory Councils.

They continued this powerful ministry and continued to release more powerful dramas which brought 

more light to the world about Jesus Christ and exposed the kingdom of darkness.


He extended his ministry down to other countries like Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, United 

kingdom and many more

He produced other movies like the finest wine which he did in Canada and Runpantar which he did in 



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         Following the expansion of Mount Zion ministries, they have also released many movies which have affected lives positively.
Here are some of the movies that they have produced:
Agbara nla
The Haunting Shadows 1-3
The Forgotten Ones 1-4
The Gods Are Dead
Wounded Heart
The Foundation
Abejoye 1, 2 and 3
My mother n law
Captive of the Mighty
Apoti Eri
One Careless Night 1-5
The Ultimate Power 1-4
Shackles 1 & 2
Broken Pitchers
Asise Nla
The Train (The journey of life)



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Awards and recognition

      Over the years, Mike Bamiloye has built a lot of fame, integrity and has developed  a good personality making him a role model for christians both young and old.
Not only has he built a lot of prestige but he has also received a lot of awards.

Here are some of the awards that he has received:


He won the christian  drama award at the 2015 Applause Achievers awards in Lagos


He received Lifetime Achievement Award at the City People Movie Lifetime Achievement Award, 2017

Award of excellence Ghanian



 He received the Award of excellence from The Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics, Ghana in the year 2019.

Certificate of recognition

Mik Bamiloye receive certificate of recognition at Gofestival

Bamiloye children


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           Mike Bamiloye is married to Gloria Bamiloye and is happily blessed with three children namely 

Damilola Mike Bamiloye, Joshua Mike Bamiloye and Darasimi Mike Bamiloye.

Mike Bamiloye is blessed with wonderful children as they are also taking part in movie production. 

They are all blessed with great talents and so each one of them.

Damilola Mike Bamiloye is happily married to Emmanuella Mike Bamiloye while Joshua Mike 

Bamiloye is married to Tolullope Mike Bamiloye. Darasimi Mike Bamiloye is also married to 

Lawrence Gomba Oyor.



  Damilola the first child while still in secondary school, took part in the production of a movie 

titled”Youthful lust:

After this, he has also majored in different films during his schooling days in Bowen university with his 

younger brother, Joshua Mike Bamiloye.

After graduation, Damilola has written, edited and produced different movies like “Journey in circles”, 

The ignition, The accountants, and many others.

        Joshua who majored in music and soundtrack of movie production like  :Abejoye”, The train also 

has great talents for music.

Not only has he done this, he has also been featured in different songs like Tongues of fire, I will love, 

Like  a tree, Oh my child and Erujeje.

Darasimi Mike Bamiloye, the last child, has also featured in different movies.

Apart from movie production, Mount zion has a popular program :True talk” that speaks to the people 

through speech which she is a part of. .

Darasimi Mike Bamiloye together with  Ellah Mike Bamiloye, Tolulope Mike Bamiloye are the ones 

that mostly take part in the  program “True talk” that is held on their official youtube channel.




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