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6 Causes of Suicide and Depressions Among Young Ones

Have you ever felt it? The pain and grief after losing someone; all you could hear is that inner voice of you and that feeble heart taking you on an adventure out of the physical realm into an underworld. At that moment, you become inquisitive. Here is what I meant. You feel a tugging sensation making you ask questions like: Can anyone give me an explanation? (even after reading the note left by the deceased) The unreasonable That pulling force in your heart causes you to take the blame. You began to reason like: If I had stood by him; Why did I miss his calls? Yes, that is the feeling you experience But the question is what are the causes and how can it be prevented? Yes that the right question. And I have written this post to create awareness on this. You know what, I and you cannot deny it that suicide is on the high side in the world. Many things are just creeping in that if I am to say it the way I wanted,  I would have said that there is a spirit behind it.