6 Causes of Suicide and Depressions Among Young Ones


Have you ever felt it?

The pain and grief after losing someone; all you could hear is that inner voice of you and that feeble heart taking you on an adventure out of the physical realm into an underworld. At that moment, you become inquisitive.

Here is what I meant.

You feel a tugging sensation making you ask questions like: Can anyone give me an explanation? (even after reading the note left by the deceased)

The unreasonable

That pulling force in your heart causes you to take the blame. You began to reason like: If I had stood by him; Why did I miss his calls?

Yes, that is the feeling you experience

But the question is what are the causes and how can it be prevented?
Yes that the right question.

And I have written this post to create awareness on this.
You know what, I and you cannot deny it that suicide is on the high side in the world. Many things are just creeping in that if I am to say it the way I wanted,  I would have said that there is a spirit behind it.

But I would love to share with you the science part of it.
Back to discussion:
There are many causes of suicide some of which are personal but below is a list of causes.
•    Mental Disorder
•    Unemployment
•    Depression
•    Break-up
•    Lack of Parental care
•    Sexual Abuse
Okay, let dive in.

1.    Mental Disorder

Mental disorder is a wide range of conditions that affects affect mood, thinking a d behaviour. This is a behavioural pattern that causes significant distress of personal functioning. People with’ mental disorder find it difficult to think straight and also have issues with emotions. A person with mental illness finds it difficult to interact with others and so live their life in depression and loneliness. The feeling of loneliness is what pulls the trigger for suicidal thoughts.
Mental illness is caused as a result of different things which are:
  • Drug Abuse
  • Addiction to Alcohol
  • Family history of mental illness and many more.
According to this addiction statistics, 19.7 million had a problem with addiction in 2017. And the point remains that some of the victims of substance addiction and sexual abuse end up taking their lives.

2.    Unemployment

Unemployment has been recorded to be one of the major causes of suicide. A popular quote says
An Idle man is a devil Workshop qualifies and answers it all.
People who are unemployed, face different embarrassing issues such as inability to fend for themselves, in ability to pay the bills,; as a result of worrying they become depressed.

3.    Depression

Having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired at the same time.  It Is the fear of failure, but no urge to be productive; it is wanting friends but hate socializing; it is wanting to be alone but not wanting to be lonely; it is feeling everything at one and then feeling paralyzingly numb--- Healthyplace.com
Depression is regarded as mental illness but it is broad to be discussed on its own. It is the loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. Depression is caused by different things as depression can be caused by a large number of things.

There was this particular examination has been writing for 3 years to gain admission into a university to study medicine. The examination is conducted once every year. I tried hard every year but still no result. But corruption and nepotism is what I discovered was hindering a few of us. The third year, I had an excellent result but was shocked that the university still proved to be stubborn. After this shock, I was tired of schooling and became pessimistic in all I do. After several actions to talk myself out, the feeling of a loser kept popping up on different occasions and it effect was crystal clear in everything I did. I became tired of reading and even started hating myself.
After several talks from friends, I was able to gain back my self confidence. Ever since then Isay to myself either here or abroad I will study medicine and I know that will happen soon.
This is why depression is not good. At the early stage the person can still be revived but once the wound gets deeper it becomes difficult but not impossible.

4.    Relationship Issues/Break-Up

Years ago, a friend walked up to me and said “Jude, what do you think about teenage dating”. I replied bluntly “ You know I am against it but that is my personal opinion” I said just that in order to keep the argument short as David like to argue. He smiled and said “ Don’t you have the urge to date someone” . “ Not just date, but a long-term relationship” I replied. Immediately I said that he was calm as I have satisfied him.
You must also be wondering, why I was against it, right? Though back then, my reply was influenced by my background and belief. But now, I have a solid reason; why I object teenage dating.
Teenagers are set of special people with big dreams and potential to succeed. But, good percentage of them loses their focus, dream and even life as a result of emotional stress.
According to the centres for disease controls and prevention (CDC), in 2015, almost 230,000 babies were born to American girls between the ages of 15-19.
This data is just for America; what about global?
A number of these girls will end up forgoing their career in order to be a mother to their child. While some who are scared to face the reality, might end up getting depressed and eventually have a suicidal thought.
Though I know everyone have their own view of teenage dating; I might be wrong about this or there could be a better way of reasoning about this, please if you have any, kindly drop it as a comment below.

5.    Lack of Parental Care

Parents are very important to everyone; our parents are like our small gods who we worship. Whenever, we are scared; we talk to them, share our opinions with them and discover how swiftly our worries vanish.

Parents owe their children a great responsibility which is nurturing and directing them in the right path.

Most people find it easier to discuss personal issues with their parents and when they are unable to do so, they may fall into the wrong hand.

Even animals value their parents. A good example is a mother hen and her chicks. Whenever danger is around, the mother covers her chicks with her feathers and sends the predator away.
That is what we need, parents that will protect and fend away predators.

6.    Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent.

Sexual abuse tames the image and pride of the victim. The victim on most cases becomes embarrassed and depressed. She feels her covering has been removed. This in some cases causes trauma.

Victims are mostly children, which makes them more vulnerable to attacks. Victims of sexual abuse are always deceived or threatened with words or actions.
Below are some ways to teach your child the skills to prevent sexual abuse gotten from Child Mind

•    Teach your child body parts early
•    Teach them that some body parts are private
•    Teach your child body boundaries
•    Teach your child body secrets are not okay


Having talked about the causes, things that can be done to prevent suicide should be looked into, right?
Below are some tips to prevent suicide

Avoid Alcohol

The few minutes pleasure you get does not pay for the year of depression you get from drinking as when it becomes a habit; you do and undo anything just to satisfy that want.

Talk to Someone

This might be difficult.
But you need someone to share that to.

And also be mindful of who you share your burdens with.

Most people with suicidal thought keep it as a secret but their reactions and their words are
not hidden; so leaves a sign for the sensitive ones.

Their expressions show they have something to say.


Suicide is eating up the future of young ones, and if there is something that we can do stop this, it is help create awareness to the world.

Depression is not the end of the world, and you should not run away from your fears; face it.
I have done my part in sharing this with you, you have a part to play.

It starts by sharing this article to your friends on Social media.


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