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 Paul Enenche Biography, facts I bet you don't know him

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   Being a popular minister of God and also a gospel singer, Pastor Paul Enenche has earned respect through his spirit filled songs and God's grace and anointing over his life.

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His wife

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   Dr Paul Enenche Is the founder of Dunamis' International Gospel Church which has its headquarters located in Abuja, which is the capital of Nigeria.

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Name    Paul Enenche

Age (2020): 52 years old

Date of Birth: 12th of June, 1968

Education: Studied Medicine and Surgery in Universityof Jos, , Nigeria

Wife: Becky Enenche (formerly known as Iyangbe Ibu)

His Career: Founder and Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Church located in Abuja.

Children: He has four children namely 

Net worth: N/A(Not Available)

Profession : Pastor, author, musician, and trained medical doctor

Home Town: Nigeria

Sibling’s Name: Major General John Enenche and Sammoses Enenche

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  Over the past few weeks, there has been some news about Pastor Paul Enenche which I know you would also love to hear.


   This has brought about a lot of amazement and surprised gasps of fans who watched the video.

The Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Dr Paul Enenche, Abuja got many gushing as he danced on the altar

In a video shared on social media, the pastor impressed with unique fast legwork he showcased to the admiration of the congregation

Social media users who watched the video tagged Post-Service Victory Celebration gushed about how he danced before God like a child

Dr Paul Enenche, founder of Dunamis' International Gospel church displayed an amazing leg work that lit up the fire of Joy in people making people to have  joy overflow in them because of the atmosphere that was created during the praise session and especially the way he danced.

He danced like a child humbling himself totally before God making it possible for God to take over the work (manifest himself) during the praise session led by the choir 


 The fast leg work was in tune to the song that the choir was singing as if he was a professional in this type of style of dancing which was totally a new dimension of dance uniquely different from the ones we have always seen in the past.

Indeed!, All glory belongs to God in the highest. 


See full story here

2.Why Nigerians are not committing suicide amid hardship – Pastor Paul Enenche.

    Founder and Senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Church, Pastor Paul Enenche disclosed why Nigerians are not committing suicide despite the hardship that engulfed the country.

   During the sermon held on Sunday at the church’s headquarters, Glory Dome Abuja, Pastor Enenche said the Nigerians would have killed themselves over the economic situation if not for church.

He further stated why there are minimal suicidal attempts in the country despite the current hardship ravaging the nation.

In a sermon on Sunday at the church’s headquarters, Glory Dome Abuja, Pastor Enenche said the Nigerians would have killed themselves over the economic situation if not for church.

     According to him, Nigeria and other countries in Africa survived COVID-19 due to the mysterious power of God, hammering the fact that some world leaders who predicted that millions of Africans would die of the disease were disappointed.

He said, “Thank God for the existence of Churches, otherwise many people would have killed themselves since. If they say there was suicide, just imagine what will happen if not for Church.

“Living in the kind of Country we are living in and in the part of the world we are living, the only thing that has kept us alive and kept us well is Word of God"

“Didn’t you hear the COVID predictions, that millions would be on the streets of Africa. We don’t have all the sophisticated things they have there, but we have the raw Word of God"

“Even though they mock us and they say with all our Word, where is our development? But the Word of God has saturated the ground"

“We don’t have ventilators, we don’t have anything but we have the Word and the predictions could not come to pass because He frustrated the tokens of liars.”

I believe we've had enough of the recent happenings around him. So get your hoes and shovels ready as we dig right into his success story

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Early life

    Pastor Paul Enenche was born on the 4th of June, 1968 in Orokam, Benue state, Nigeria.

 His Father, Chief D.E Eneche was a ruler of Orokam District in Ogbadibo Local Government Area .

 He is also the younger brother to General John Enenche, Nigeria's Defence Spokesman.He is of the Idoma ethnic group in Benue State, Nigeria.

His Education

  There is not much news about Pastor Paul Enenche's primary and secondary education but we have gathered information about his Tertiary level's education.

   Dr Paul Enenche studied Medicine and surgery in the University of Jos where he also joined the student fellowship.

He attended Deeper Life Bible fellowship where he was vibrant for the lord through evangelism, winning souls for God and even preaching and blessing God's people 

Paul Enenche's daughter sturs up social media attention with her fashion Sense

His career 

   Pastor Paul Enenche initially started his career as a certified medical Doctor.

Later when he found out that this was not God's plan for his life, he went on a fasting and prayer for direction from God which he later received from God.

   After six months, Pastor Paul Enenche dumped.his medical certificate to start a church in Abuja in the year 1996 with the name "Dunamis International Gospel Centre".

   The church  was established on the 10th of November, 1996. 

  The church held its first Sunday service at Abuja Centre for Arts and Culture (First Floor) Area 10. The Church service was held there for two (2) weeks before the church later moved to Abuja Sheraton Hotel & Towers, where the church worshiped for about 6 months.

    On September 14, 2014, Dr. Paul Enenche commenced the construction of the Lord’s Garden, the church’s moniker for its headquarters

   On Saturday November 24, 2020, Pastor Paul Enenche finished his building project and dedicated the Building which is presently used as their worship centre.

Dunamis International Gospel Centre has the second biggest church auditorium in the world. The“Glory Sanctuary Dome” as it is called was completed in the year 2018.

    The Glory Sanctuary Dome auditorium upon completion, was regarded as the largest church auditorium in the world

Apart from the Vice President, Paul Enenche also welcomed top VIPS in politics, like former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, the speaker of House of Representatives – Yakubu Dogara,  Senator Dino Melaye from Kogi State, and so on.

  The occasion  not only graced great people in politics but also welcomed leading figures in the Christian society including Bishop David Oyedepo of "Living faith ministry" popularly known as winners bible Church and Pastor E.A Adeboye of the Redeem Christian Church of God. 

   Presently, Dr. Paul Enenche's new church auditorium is the largest in the world, with a 100,000 seater capacity building.

After the dedication program of the church, Pastor Paul Enenche has automatically snatched the position in terms of church accommodation capacity(100, 000 people)

    Every Sunday, the church observes six services, full-house, and two mid-week services on Wednesday..

Dr Paul Enenche has always used his field of study (medicine and surgery) for the work of the Lord and he is very talented with his medical.skills which he willingly applied in his church for the healing of people.

    Pastor Paul Enenche established a Bible training programme known as the Dunamis School Of Ministry (DUSOM), to train leaders and future pastors.

Pastor Paul Enenche spiritual mentors

   Dr Paul Enenche is a product of many anointings including Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of living faith church(winners church),Pastor W.F Kumuyi of deeper life Bible Church and Pastor E.A Adeboye of Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG).

   In an interview, Paul Enenche explains the significance of his mother in the aspect of his conversion and upbringing.

 His mother,Titi Enewa Enenche had an encounter with Jesus in 1958, which prompted her to devote her life entirely to God. 

Therefore, she raised Pastor Paul and his siblings in the way of the Lord ensuring they participated in morning devotions which helped him little by little till where he is today.

Pastor Paul Enenche's Songs

  Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel church has produced a lot of Songs which have affected a lot of lives positively.  Some of these songs were sung by the Dunamis International choir while some by Paul Enenche's Family.

These songs include:

Owner of My Life

Nara Ekele

Keep holding on

Father in Heaven

I love you Lord

Lord I’m in need of your hands

My eyes are upon you

I’m Alive oh Lord

He Arose

You can make me what you want

My life builder

My life is hid in christ

My life belongs to you

Your throne is established

I’m Blessed

You are always there to help

You never fail

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His Books and quotes

  Pastor Paul Enenche not only spreads the gospel through songs and messages but also through his books. 

Some of these books include'

Financial Wisdom

Reason for Living

Who are you

30 Secrets to the top

21 Uncommon keys to financial overflow

21 Laws of Life

Wisdom of planning and time use

The story of the glory

10 Principal secrets of principal people

15 kingdom strategies for survival

Dr Paul Enenche  also has inspiring quotes. Some of which are:

1. You cannot stand still inside and move forward outside.

2. A man’s learning power determines his earning power. 

3. A man’s behavior is a product of the quality of information at his disposal.

4. You can not put God first and come last in life.

5. Consistent learning keeps you with time 

6. Whatever comes to the mind of people when your name is mentioned is either assisting or resisting you. 

7. Long after people have forgotten how rich you were, they will never forget the strength of your character. 

8. Taking what is not yours, forbids you from having what is yours. 

9. Nobody can refurbish you like your maker.

10. Progress is never made when lessons are not learnt.

His wife

  Pastor Paul Enenche is married to Becky Enenche (formerly known as Iyangbe Ibu).

Bekjy Enenche is also a medical doctor and since their marriage, she has given birth to four awesome children.

  Bekky Enenche revealed in an interview how she met her husband.

….According to her, she said they met in the University of Jos where she did her University education.

Read what she said,

"We met in the University of Jos where she studied.  I attended a Medical Students Fellowship in 1989; my husband was the president of the school chapter at that time. I didn't know him; I went for the meeting, and my husband was the one preaching. 

    We have been in the same university but I have never taken note of him. Of course he knew me because my father was a professor in the same medical school, so it’s possible everybody will know the professor’s daughter.. I started before my dad came to that university though. 

At the end of the preaching, he made an altar call and he asked those that wanted to be on more fire for God to come out. A lot of us came out and he prayed for all of us, then I left.   He later became the National President of the Christian Medical and Dental Students’ Fellowship and by Divine arrangement then I happened to be the National Financial Secretary. 

So we eventually got married on April 16th, 1994. 

Paul Enenche's Children

  Pastor Paul Enenche is happily married to Bekky Enenche and is blessed with four precious children with

Deborah Paul Enenche being the first child and also the first daughter,

Daniella being the second child in the family,

Destiny Paul-Enenche who is also the third born of the family and finally

Daniel Paul Enenche who is the fourth child and undoubtedly the last child in the family.


You can reach out to him through the following


 Paul Enenche (@drpastorpaulenenche)


Dr. Paul Enenche 


Dr Paul Enenche (@DrPaulEnenche)


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