Ultimate excitement as Dr Paul Enenche danced like never before displaying his fast leg work


Pastor Paul Enenche causes stir in church as he showcases fast legwork on the altar in praises to God.


  Glory Hallelujah!!

I am just as happy as you are,

  Seeing such an amazing event that has never happened in the past puts me to an endless wonder,

  I know you are just as surprised as I am,

Nobody expected to have seen such a grand atmosphere nor had anyone suspected this before it actually happened in our very sight.

    It was during the praise session that this joyful moment  was born to life. No one could have imagined to see Pastor Paul Enenche dancing so happily and lively with his legs displaying a fastleg work that we have not noticed in the past.

   Dr Paul Enenche was seen dancing like a child on the altar displaying his perfect leg work to God in praises

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  • The Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Dr Paul Enenche, Abuja got many gushing as he danced on the altar
  • In a video shared on social media, the pastor impressed with unique fast legwork he showcased to the admiration of the congregation
  • Social media users who watched the video tagged Post-Service Victory Celebration gushed about how he danced before God like a child

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     Dr Paul Enenche, founder of Dunamis' International Gospel church displayed an amazing leg work that lit up the fire of Joy in the hearts of people making them to have  joy overflow in them because of the atmosphere that was created during the praise session and especially the way he danced.

     He danced like a child humbling himself totally before God making it possible for God to take over the work (manifest himself) during the praise session led by the choir 


   The fast leg work was in tune to the song that the choir was singing as if he was a professional in this type of style of dancing which was totally a new dimension of dance uniquely different from the ones we have always seen in the past.

Indeed!, All glory belongs to God in the highest. 


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