Pastor Paul Enenche's daughter, Deborah trends on Facebook because of her fashion sense

Pastor Paul Enenche's daughter came under social media backlash because of her dressing

  Pastor Paul Enenche's daughter, Deborah stirred some fuss because of her photos that she posted in which she dressed like a cowboy with Boots.

   Some people applauded her saying that she has a very strong personality in the sense that she did not because of the fact that she wanted to impress people to not be herself and live a lifestyle that she wanted for herself.

  While others said that she has to dress modestly in whatever she does not forgetting her identity as the first daughter of respected.Dr Pastor Paul Enenche, the General overseer of Dunamis' International Gospel Centre church.

  Some even criticised her saying that she does not have a good dressing sense and she should always dress well as she is a leading figure in the Christian world and role models for people to look up to.

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Check out the photos of Deborah Paul Enenche that stirred up criticism on social media.

   Below are the photos of Deborah Paul Enenche 

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 NEWS - Darasimi Oyor has given birth

    Do you know that Darasimi Oyor nee Mike Bamiloye has given birth to a bouncing baby boy? 

The funny truth about this is that she has given birth since July 16 but it was not revealed until September 9 by Lawrence Oyor together with some photos of the baby's hands and feets.

  Fans of the couple and well wishers sent them congratulatory texts and messages rejoicing with them over what God has just done for them.

What is Darasimi nee Mike Bamiloye's child's name?

   The child has already been named by the couple - (Darasimi Oyor nee Mike Bamiloye and Lawrence Gomba Oyor)

 The name of the child is *Elijah Lawrence Oyor"

See what Darasimi wrote on her official telegram page

"This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our sight. Welcome Elijah."

Lawrence Oyor also posted a caption together with the photos in his official page which read:

 "On the 10th of October 2020 I got busy. On the 16th of July 2021, I got very busy. Please pray for us."

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See photos of the Darasmi's child

    Below are some of the child's pictures that the couples posted in their official page:

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How Chidinma changes to gospel music after being in secular music for long 


  Chidinma has been in the music industry for long but in the secular music world.

She recently switched to the gospel nic but no one knows why,

 Chidinma's Fame started right from being the winner of project Fame, a singing competition which was held yearly to choose the best singer.

After winning the competition,she started out as a secular music artist where she samf a lot of songs.

    Everyone was just surprised when she made a public post of declaring that she is now a gospel artist now signed under gospel music label, Eezee Conceptz with other popular gospel singers like Judikay, GUC and mercy Chinwo

She sang a song titled "Jehovah Overdo"  to thank God for his mercies over her life 

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