Lawrence Oyor Biography


 Biography of Lawrence Oyor

      Lawrence Oyor is a gospel singer in Nigeria known for his vibrant zeal and passion for God   
He is a source of encouragement to other christians in Nigeria. The fact that he is a source of encouragement to a nation is enough for us to view him as a legend.


    Lawrence did his marriage last year together with film producer and spoken word artist "Darasimi mike bamiloye".
    Lawrence did his  marriage  on the 10th of October, 2020.   
    He got married to Darasimi Mike Bamiloye, daughter of Mike Bamiloye, owner of   Nigeria leading drama and film production ministry. 
       Lawrence Oyor was born as a twin into a family of four and the name of his twin brother is god's will Oyor.
       His brother is popularly known as pastor God'swill Oyor. They both own a ministry known as Davidic minstrels, a revival ministry which was created for the purpose of awakening love and passion in christians

     Alright, we've learnt something about him, let's dig straight into his biography.


       Lawrence Oyor was born on the  14fh of May 1991 into a Christian home based in  Ibadan, a city in oyo state, Western part of Nigeria where his parents were clergymen (religious leaders).
       Lawrence's dad, Reverend Gomba Oyor is the senior pastor of "God will do it ministry", a ministry based in Oyo state, western part of Nigeria.
    He was born as a twin into a family of four. Lawrence oyor and god'swill being the first children followed by Michael oyor who is the second to the last born while Wisdom oyor is the last born.


     Let's take a quick look at his education:
Lawrence oyor gained admission to study law in the university of Ibadan together with his brother, God'swill Oyor.
     They both gained admission in 2008 and graduated in 2013.



     Lawrence oyor is a gospel minister in Nigeria known for his touching gospel songs and chants. He has spread across the country and all over the place in Nigeria.
     He is mostly invited to great revival programs,  universities also invite him to different programs and school fellowship to ignite the love and passion in them.

And you know what?

  Part of what makes him different from other ministers is because he sings to God like he is talking to a friend and also we can't forget his spirit filled chants. His songs mostly convey the message that we can be very close to God.
   He is a young and passionate lover of God and also the founder of "Davidic minstrels".
Concerning Davidic minstrels, he had this to say;
Davidic minstrels is a global movement by the oyor twins(Lawrence and god'swill Oyor)
   The purpose of the ministry is to awaken hearts to worship God and demonstrate his love and power.
The group released a Christian album titled "sound war  1" which consists of other songs and chants.
    His most popular song "bowl of fire" is a Spirit filled song that he is popularly known for.


    Lawrence got married to Darasimi mike bamiloye on the 10th of October, 2021. 
 They held their traditional wedding 9th of October, 2021. The traditional wedding was a blend of two different cultures and the couples dressed in their different attires according to their culture.
     Their marriage is an example for other christians to follow.
The marriage stirred a lot of amazements and surprise both in the Christian society and generally.
     As both of them are great leading figures in the Christian society.
God'swill Oyor got married to a lawyer "Mrs toju".


     Next, let's go through the songs and chants he has released.

Below are some of the songs that Lawrence oyor has sang:

Burn the world

Prophetic Chants

Jesus my Lord

Dreaming with God

I'm in love with Jesus

Fall in love

Row your boat

I am hungry

Ah ah ah


Glory and power

Eagles flight

Another measure

In love

I love you

Wine of spirit


        A lot of people want to know h hiis networth and here we will be disclosing his networth.
       His networth is only an estimation as we all know that networth are only estimations and not actually accurate but his networth is within the range of $100 000 to $300, 000.

How is it?

Is it worth reading ?
       To me, it is all about believing in yourself and you will succeed.
        In this article, we have learnt a lot about him and now we all have the ideal knowledge about him.

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