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  Judikay is a Nigerian gospel singer that sings powerful gospel music demonstrating the power of God and his mercies.

Judikay is a renowned gospel minister just like GUC, Mercy Chinwo and the newly joined Chidinma.

Judikay is a gospel musician that sings under the Label "Eezee conceptz" that houses other singers like Mercy Chinwo, GUC ( Godwin Ugochukwu Christopher), and Chidinma who recently joined "Eezee Conceptz"  

Her full name is Judith Kanayo and she is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the Redeemer’s University. Judikay has been on the music scene since the year 2013, when she released her first single, “Nobody Else”.

  In this post, I will be sharing with you;

  • Profile of Judikay

  • A complete list of Judikay Songs

  • A link to an article that will explain how Chidinma deviated to gospel music.

  • Label, "Eezee Conceptz" 

First, let's go through her profile


FULL NAME: Judith Kanayo

DATE OF BIRTH:October 26

AGE: 30 years old


RELIGION: Christianity

LABEL: Eezee Conceptz


SINGS WITH THE LIKES OF: GUC, Mercy Chinwo and Chidinma

 Her full name is Judith Kanayo and she was born on October 26 as the first child in a family of four children. 

    Judikay hails from Osimili South Local government area of Asaba in Delta State part of Nigeria.

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 Judikay is a passionate lover of God that sings spirit filled songs just like GUC, Chidinma, Lawrence Oyor and other gospel Singer.

    The following are lists of songs sung by Judikay and I know you will love it.



Other Judikay songs can be seen here

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 Just like every other musician, Judikay also has a label in which she sings under, which happens to be "EEZEE CONCEPTZ" with the likes of Chidinma.

  Judikay has joined the music label Eezee Conceptz since 2013 and since then had been ever active

Using the label, she has sang a lot of songs including those popular ones like

   The label also had a lot of popular musician under its name like 

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 Godwin Ugochukwu Christopher is his full name but he is popularly known as GUC and he has also sung a lot of songs.

Both him and Judikay are best friends.

  GUC is the one that sang "I will put you in front" 

  Below is a list of his songs:

You are all that matters

I believe

God of vengeance

Other GUC songs can be seen here

Mercy Chinwo

  If you are a fan of christian music then you should be quite familiar with this name.

  When a list of Top gospel musician is to be compiled, Mercy Chinwo will definitely have a place to take in the list as she is also a top notch gospel musician and had been in the ministry for a long time

Some of her sings are:

Chinedum lyrics

Receive it lyrics

Excess love


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