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  Are you here to see the list of Theophilus Sunday songs compiled in this article?

   Then you didn't make a mistake, starting from Theophilus chants and messages down to his Songs, they are all filled with the power of God.

Theophilus Sunday is a Gospel minister that evangelizes through chants and songs.

  Theophilus songs are spirit filled and inspired by the holy Spirit.  In the past, Theophilus has been invited to different gatherings including university programs to revive people and he has been relentlessly traveling across the country.

Here in this post, I will be sharing with you 

  • A complete list of Theophilus Sunday songs.

  • Some facts about him

  • His social media handle if you want to reach out to him

  • The link if you want to see the complete Biography of Theophilus Sunday

     So if you don't mind, let's first see some facts about him before proceeding to see a list of his songs

Full biography of Theophilus Sunday


  Theophilus Sunday was born on the 9th of May, 1987 in Kogi state and he is 34 years old as of 2021. Theophilus Sunday hails from Dekina in Kogi state located in North Central part of Nigeria.

    He studied Theatre Arts in Kogi state University and graduated from the University November, 2012.

  News tells us that Apostle Joshua Selman prayed for Theophilus Sunday before he started his ministry so it is still appropriate to call him his spiritual Father.

Theiohilus continued his career as a singer diligently and consistently until the growth we can see today.

  Presently, Theophilus Sunday has become so popular until you and I started listening to his songs.

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Complete list of Theophilus Sunday songs

   Believe me, Theophilus Sunday is one of the most sought after music minister/evangelist in Nigeria.

  This is not only because he carries an unusual anointing but also because of his spirit filled songs that change lives and win people for Christ.

  He is a minister of God just like Lawrence Oyor that also ministers with songs and chants.

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Below are the list of Theophilus songs:

  • Only you 

  • Awake Oh Church Medley

  • Burn Upon My Altar

  • Call Upon Your Name 

  • Chant Ayaya 

  • Come Oh Spirit Come

  • Daily Search My Heart 

  • Face To Face 

  • Fix My Mind On You Alone 

  • Gbagbogbo Ogo Olori Mi 

  • God All By Yourself

  • Hide Me In Your Secret Place 

  • Holy Fire 

  • Hosanna 

  • I Will Bless The Lord 

  • I Will Wait For My Master

  • Into Wisdom Before Time Began 

  • Let No One Escape Your Revival 

  • Miracle Working God 

  • My Life Is Yours 

  • My Superman

  • Odu Jesus 

  • Olishoke 

  • On Eagles Wings, Abba Father 

  • One Sound 

  • Realms of Worship 

  • Take It Away 

  • The Atmosphere 

  • Remnant Worship Service (Warri)

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  Have you been wondering this all this while?

Have you been looking for where to contact Theiohilus Sunday, then you are in the right place.

You can reach out to theophilus Sunday through this





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