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   Theophilus Sunday is a Nigerian gospel musician that sings deep spirited songs and chants that awaken people's hunger and love (especially youths) for God.

  Theophilus Sunday is a young passionate minister and  lover of God that God used to bless our generation both Nationally (in the country) and Internationally.

Theophilus is known for his spirit filled songs and deep chants that he uses to evangelize and win souls for Christ.

Here in this post, I will be sharing with you his biography, early life, education, career as a minister of God, marital status, networth and His spirit filled songs.

  But first, let's go through some information about him so that we can know some fact before we proceed into his biography,


FULL NAME: Minister Theophilus Sunday


AGE: 34 years old

DATE OF BIRTH: 9th of May, 1987

PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Dekina, Kogi State, Nigeria.


EDUCATION: Went to Ochaja Boys Secondary School, Ochaja, Kogi State for his Secondary school education.

He obtained a degree in Theatre Art from Kogi State University (KSU) in Aringba.

   After graduating from Kogi state University, he enrolled for the National Youth Service Programme on 5th November 2012 and completed the scheme on October 10, 2013.


My Life is yours

Who is like you Lord

Take it away

There is a place

Take over


Set us on fire


My Superman

Spirit keep me hungry

My Desire

Worship Tradition

Until you form

Belong to you

Spirit Fire me up

WIFE: Not yet married

SPIRITUAL FATHER: Apostle Joshua Selman, Apostle Arome Osayi

SINGS LIKE: Lawrence Oyor

GENRE OF MUSIC: Deep worship and chants

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  Theophilus Sunday was born on the 9th of May, 1987 in Dekina, Kogi state, a State located in North Central part of Nigeria.

 Kogi state is a very popular state that shares borders with up to five states like Edo state, Benue state, Nasarawa state, Delta State, ondo state and many others.

  Theophilus grew up  and has been living in Dekina, Kogi state since childhood.


 Theophilus Sunday also had a good educational background just like everybody.

  He attended Ochaja Boys Secondary School, Ochaja, Kogi State for his Secondary school education.

  After finishing his Secondary education he furthered his education in Kogi state University ( KSU) where he obtained a degree in Theatre Arts.

  He graduated from the opular Kogi state University on the 5th of November, 2012.


  THEOPHILUS Sunday also enrolled for the compulsory national youths corps which he went for and finished the NYSC program on the 10th of October, 2013.

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 Theophilus Sunday is a young gospel minister known for his deep wirshsil and spirit filled chants, he is an evangelist that God uses through worship.

   Theophilus have been invited to crusades, vigils, programmes and even universities do invite him when they have a fellowship program for their students.

   God had been using him to bless this out generation especially the youths through worship.

  According to information, Apostle Joshua Selman prayed for him when he was about to start his career as a gospel musician.

 And this also helped a lot and that was one he started little by little until the extent we can see today.

 Presently, Minister Theophilus Sunday is one of the most sought  after music minister of God in Nigeria, getting invitations everywhere in the country and even across the continent (Africa).

 One of his favourite quotes is "consistency is the mother to perfection"

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  Theophilus has sang a lot of songs out of which some are very popular.

The following are Theophilus Sunday songs:

  • Ancient Path of Life

  • Awake Oh Church Medley

  • Burn Upon My Altar

  • Call Upon Your Name

  • Chant Ayaya

  • Come Oh Spirit Come

  • Daily Search My Heart

  • Face To Face

  • Fix My Mind On You Alone

  • Gbagbogbo Ogo Olori Mi

  • God All By Yourself

  • Hide Me In Your Secret Place

  • Holy Fire

  • Hosanna

  • I Choose Your Way

  • I Will Bless The Lord

  • I Will Wait For My Master

  • Into Wisdom Before Time Began

  • Let No One Escape Your Revival

  • Miracle Working God

  • My Life Is Yours

  • My Superman

  • My Gaze

  • Our Jesus

  • Olishoke

  • On Eagles Wings, Abba Father

  • One Sound

  • Realms of Worship

  • Take It Away

  • The Atmosphere

  • Take Over

  • Remnant Worship Service (Warri)

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  THEOPHILUS Sunday not only has spirit filled songs but also inspirational quotes that and some if these are:

  • "consistency is the mother to perfection"

  • "If the Spirit does not give you utterance, can you be quiet even on Stage”

  • "if the same Spirit that resurrected Jesus from the dead lives inside of us, why then do we tell lies and fornicate?”

  • “it is dangerous to be a prayer without an alter”

  • “if you know the value of what you are waiting for, how long  it takes and how  long  you wait won't matter”.

News about the Mike Bamiloye Family


   A lot of people have always wanted to know the spiritual father of Theophilus sunday, probably because they are curious of the spiritual father who can father such a notable young man of God.

 According to news, Apostle Joshua Selman prayed for Theophilus Sunday before he started his ministry, so perhaps we can say that Apostle Joshua Selman is one of his spiritual fathers.

Also, it is rumoured that Apostle Arome Osayi is also his spiritual Father.

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   As at now, Theophilus Sunday is not married and we have not heard of news of him being in a relationship.

  So basically, Theophilus Sunday is single.


  Gospel icons don't lavish their money for all to see and they don't show off, so we don't actually know much about his net worth.

  But rest assured, we will continue to update this post.

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