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Diamond Bank (Access Bank) Transfer Code: Diamond Mobile Banking

  DIAMOND BANK TRANSFER ODE This post is for those searching for: diamond bank transfer code, diamond airtime code, diamond bank to bank transfer, diamond mobile banking code.  Diamond mobile banking us a wonderful platform to carry out transactions at a very fast speed and easily without having to leave the comfort of your bed. The era of visiting the bank to complete a transactions is gone, standing on the queue just to withdraw money is gone. With diamond mobile banking, online shopping is at the tip of your finger anad you have no issue with making payments online.   Enough of all this, let us drive into the technicality in utilising the diamond mobile banking to the fullest. Diamond Bank Mobile Banking The diamond bank mobile banking has a very unique code which is *710#. These unique everywhere and is easy to remember. There are various transactions you can carry out through that simplee code which you might not be aware of. The main purpose of this post is to bring to your awar

RenMoney Loan App, Interest Rate, and All you Need to Know

  Renmoney is a consumer finance organization that was founded in Lagos in 2012 under a microfinance banking license providing simple finance solutions. Renmoney was formerly known as Rencredit before it was changed in 2013 and has since then been widely known as RenMoney. If you are very conversant with the new trends on the internet, then there is a probability that you have heard of RenMoney. RenMoney loan app enables you to get a loan of up to 4 million naira from the platform. Other than RenMoney, we have other loan apps like Kwik money that are hitting it well in the financial technology. Read also : Perfect Money in Nigeria So let get into details of what RenMoney has to offer.’ What is RenMoney? Renmoney is a fintech company that specializes in loaning money to its users under a microfinance banking license in Lagos, Nigeria. It is widely known for giving out loans in Nigeria without a collateral and  a guarantor. RenMoney makes the getting of loans simple and easy enough for y

5 VISA Free Countries for Nigerians Willing to Leave the Country

  Are you searching for a country to spend your holiday with the need of a visa? Or are you hungry to leave Nigeria in search of a new environment? I have good news for you. Today I will be sharing with you ten countries you can travel to without the stress of getting a VISA. Now that I have given you a gist of how possible it is to travel outside the country without a visa; what is the take? Yes! There is something you need which is your Nigerian Passport. Your Nigerian passport is all you need to travel to another country without a visa. The Nigerian passport will serve as a replacement for your VISA. So if you don’t have your Nigerian Passport, I had humbly advise that you start processing your Nigerian Passport and minimize the quest of getting a VISA. Benefits of VISA free countries 1. Its stress free One of the most discouraging thing that hinders many Nigerians from processing their way out of the country is the stress it comes with. The stress of getting a VISA is more tiring t

History of Siwes and SIWES Foundation

     READ The Updated Post here - History of Siwes   SIWES Report Format : Writing a SIWES report for all Departments     NOTE: IF YOU WANT ME TO WRITE YOUR SIWES REPORT, YOU CAN MESSAGE ME ON MY WHATSAPP NUMBER 08167102973 HISTORY AND MEANING OF SIWES The early phase of science and technology in Nigeria was characterized by the theoretical lectures in polytechnics and universities which have proven to be an ill method of teaching. Students in Universities and Polytechnics graduate with little or no technical experience in their course of study. In the same vein, students’ inability to contribute to the society is hampering the growth and development of our country. It was in this view that SIWES was introduced to the Industrial and Educational sector.   SIWES is an acronym for Student’s Industrial Work Experience Scheme. SIWES was established in the year 1973 in order to improve the standard of education in Nigeria in order to achi

How to Write a SIWES Report - The Ultimate Guide

  SIWES report is a troubling thing to all students. After coping with the stress of working in an organisation where you are not paid, you are still required to come up with a report detailing your activities in the organisation. Read also: How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria While writing a SIWES report comes as a stress to students because most of them are not familiar with writing a report, they find it difficult detailing their activities in words. If you need help on writing your SIWES report, you can send me a message on WhatSapp on 08167102973 And yes, I know that is the situation you might also be facing. Rest assured because I have written this post for the main purpose of educating you on how to write a SIWES report. I will start by saying, writing a SIWES report is not as difficult as being portrayed by students and you can always achieve this within two days to three day. There is a standard guideline when writing a SIWES report and I will be sharing that also wi