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History of Siwes and SIWES Foundation

     READ The Updated Post here - History of Siwes   SIWES Report Format : Writing a SIWES report for all Departments     NOTE: IF YOU WANT ME TO WRITE YOUR SIWES REPORT, YOU CAN MESSAGE ME ON MY WHATSAPP NUMBER 08167102973 HISTORY AND MEANING OF SIWES The early phase of science and technology in Nigeria was characterized by the theoretical lectures in polytechnics and universities which have proven to be an ill method of teaching. Students in Universities and Polytechnics graduate with little or no technical experience in their course of study. In the same vein, students’ inability to contribute to the society is hampering the growth and development of our country. It was in this view that SIWES was introduced to the Industrial and Educational sector.   SIWES is an acronym for Student’s Industrial Work Experience Scheme. SIWES was established in the year 1973 in order to improve the standard of education in Nigeria in order to achi

How to Write a SIWES Report - The Ultimate Guide

  SIWES report is a troubling thing to all students. After coping with the stress of working in an organisation where you are not paid, you are still required to come up with a report detailing your activities in the organisation. Read also: How to Write a Final Year Project in Nigeria While writing a SIWES report comes as a stress to students because most of them are not familiar with writing a report, they find it difficult detailing their activities in words. If you need help on writing your SIWES report, you can send me a message on WhatSapp on 08167102973 And yes, I know that is the situation you might also be facing. Rest assured because I have written this post for the main purpose of educating you on how to write a SIWES report. I will start by saying, writing a SIWES report is not as difficult as being portrayed by students and you can always achieve this within two days to three day. There is a standard guideline when writing a SIWES report and I will be sharing that also wi