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Diamond mobile banking us a wonderful platform to carry out transactions at a
very fast speed and easily without having to leave the comfort of your bed. The era of visiting the bank to complete a transactions is gone, standing on the queue just to withdraw money is gone.
With diamond mobile banking, online shopping is at the tip of your finger anad you have no issue with making payments online.

Diamond bank transfer code

Enough of all this, let us drive into the technicality in utilising the diamond mobile banking to the fullest.

Diamond Bank Mobile Banking

The diamond bank mobile banking has a very unique code which is *710#. These unique everywhere and is easy to remember.

There are various transactions you can carry out through that simplee code which you might not be aware of. The main purpose of this post is to bring to your awareness things you can do with diamond bank mobile banking platform and how you can utilise the obile banking to the fullest.

The list of diamond bank mobile codes and what are used for are listed below:
• To check your diamond bank balance - *710*556*pin#

• To purchase airtime with diamond bank mobile banking code - *710*555*phone no* amount* pin#

• Bank to Bank transfer using diamond mobile code - *710*777* account no * amount * pin #

• Bill payments - *710 * 123 * pin #

• Diamond y'ello to diamond y'ello trtansfer - * 710 * 710 * phone no * amount * pin #

How to Check Diamond bank balance through mobile banking

The era of going to the bank to check your account balance is gone. This has been replaced by the introduction of mobile banking. Checking your balance can be done anytime anywhee without no geolocation barrier through the use of a simple code:
* 710 * 556 * pin #

You need to put into consideration the sim you are using for your registration as some sim do not have a good network coverage in all location which could actually restrict you. If you have already done your registration, and not satisfied with the sim you used for registration; there is still way out.

All you need to do is go to nearby diamond bank and go to the customer care unit to lodge your complaint to them. Depending on the branch, you are most likely asked to put it into writing with the new number you would like to use.

How to Recharge your Number through diamond mobile banking

One of the goodies diamond mobile banking offers you is the ability to recharge your number without taking a step out of your bed.

To utilise, just simply dial * 710* 555 * phone no * amount * pin #
The most captivating benefit of diamond mobile banking is the ability to transfer money from your bank account to other banks.

Bank to bank transfer using diamong mobile banking

Just like I have said earlier, this is the most captivating part of diamond mobile banking.; Making transfers from bank to bank is fun. Mobile banking has given busy people the opportunity to perform banking activities without having to leave where they are.


What is your experience with diamond mobile banking? Is it good or bad? You can kindly share it to us through the comment box. To me, mobile banking has made it possible for me to spend my time on things with high value rather than standing in a queue.

Best of Luck

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