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Biography of Judikay, a renowned music minister of God.

   When the knowledge of gospel music is sought one of the names that will come to mind is judikay. Believe me, Judikay is a popular and powerful gospel music minister across the country and even the continent. Her first hit song "More than gold" , which featured popular gospel singer Mercy Chinwo, was the song that brought her into the limelight. Her songs coupled with her beautiful voice and her annointing made it clearly visible to us that she is someone that God is using to bless our generation. Before we move ahead, how much do you know about her?

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Early life



Her songs.

Awards and Recognitions

Marital status

Marriage and children.

   Before we dig deep into her biography let's take a quick look at her profile

Profile of Judikay

Below is a profile of Judikay:

Full name: Judith kanayo

Stage name: popularly known as judikay

Date of birth: October 26

Place of birth: nigeria

Hometown: oshimili south local government area in Delta State, Nigeria.

Career: gospel musician

Education: she studied theatre art at the redeemers university in Nigeria.

Relationship: she is married to mr.iyke anselem opara

Label: she is signed with Eezee conceptz.

Since we are all set, this is what I know about her:

Recent news about Judikay

  This does not call for an argument, a lot happens everyday and a lot is still bound to happen. We just have to pray that the happenings that concern us and our lives should be good reports. 

Without wasting time, I will just be mentioning some recent activity that occurred to Judikay.;

1. Gospel minister judikay has released a new album titled 'Your Grace' sync with a music video. The new single was released to celebrate her birthday, the song meant a lot to her, she used the song in appreciation of God's grace. She shared a post on her official Instagram account 

All I'm declaring till I see your face is that your grace not only make the difference. it truly is the difference, thank you for your GRACE!

2. Omemma, a hit song of Judikay, is still being sang like hot cake  as if it was released yesterday. Churches in Kenya still sing and choreograph the song, the song was released in 2019 and it gained the legendary six million views. Not only is the song embraced in churches but even the popular social media platform, TikTok makes use of the song.

Early Life and career

  Judith kanayo popularly known  as judikay, a well known Nigeria musician was  birthed on 26th of October as the first of four children. She is an original inhabitant of osimili south local government area of Asaba, Delta State in Nigeria.  Judikay like many popular nigeria singer started as a chorister in her church Christian pentecostal mission, she sang for many years Before her debut.

Judikay was once a backup singer for veteran gospel musician and producer florocka whose birth name was akinwunmi Nathan oluniyi akiremi. After which she released her debut song "nobody else' in 2013. 

And ever since her hit song Judikay went on to produce more songs like capable God, idinma, raboni, omemma, imegi, song of the angels, man of Galilee, I bow, fountain, Jesus is coming soon  and many more. Her songs were inspirations and impactful to Christians.

 Then she moved on to become a gospel musician, her songs have always been a blessing to the hearer, her hit song 'more than gold' was released in February 2019, from her signed eezee concept featuring another gospel star mercy chinwo, a Nigerian gospel musician and minister.. 

Judikay is a popular gospel singer who has shared the stage with music stars like Frank Edward and Chioma Jesus.

Judikay is not only a music minister but she is also diligent about the work of God, She goes around to different towns to preach the gospel along with the other sighed members of eezee concept.


There is not much news about her primary or elementary education but as much as we know, Judikay attended dalos college ota for her secondary education and also furthered her education by obtaining a degree in  theatre art from the redeemers University in Osun state, the university belonged to the redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG)

Judikay songs

  Of course, if we forget to mention something, it can't be this because this is what makes her her. And this is what makes us know her as a leading icon in the Christian society. Judikay started her career as a  in her church and later advanced to being a backup singer where she learnt the ins and outs of singing and music production.  Presently, she has released a lot of hit songs that had touched and impacted lives for good.

The following are Judikay songs.

Holy Ghost lyrics by Judikay

Yes lord lyrics by Judikay

Raboni lyrics by Judikay

Fountain lyrics by Judikay

Omema lyrics by Judikay

Song of angels lyrics by Judikay

Capable God lyrics by Judikay

More than gold lyrics

Man of Galilee lyrics

Alanu lyrics 

I Bow lyrics

And so on and so forth.

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Eezee Conceptz

 Just like every other musician, Judikay also has a label in which she sings under, which happens to be "EEZEE CONCEPTZ" with the likes of Chidinma.

  Judikay has joined the music label Eezee Conceptz since 2013 and since then had been ever active.

Using the label, she has sang a lot of songs including those popular ones like:


Marital life and personal relationship

   She is married to Mr. iyke Anselem Opara, a pastor at Crosspoint Church in Lagos, he is also an author, a speaker, a coach, and an entrepreneur. They got married the traditional and Christian way. Their traditional marriage took place on 15th of August 2020 at judikays hometown in osimili local government area in Delta state. While the Christian wedding also known as church  marriage took place on 7th, november 2020 at Christian Pentecostal church. The wedding was attended by the whole eezee concept family composed of many popular Christian musicians and fast rising musicians like mercy chinwo, GUC, and other musicians.

 Ezekiel the CEO of eezee concept gifted judikay and her husband  a car on her wedding day, it stirred a lot of emotions from her as it was unexpected.

Marital Status

  Is Judikay married? Does she have children yet?  

Well you need not fret, I will answer all your questions here, Judikay is married.tk Andelem Opara on the 15th of August, 2020.Prior to what you were thinking, Judikay is married but she is not with kids yet but nevertheless, her marriage is a happy one and we are all praying that it will last.

Awards and Recognitions

  If we are to talk about award winning, Judikay will definitely have a spot in those set of people because she has Rae talent ciholed with God's abounding  grace and anointing in her life. 

To name a few, below are some of the awards that she has been nominated for;

1.  Judikay was nominated for her best praise song award '  idinma' in maranatha USA award. 

2. Judikay also won  Best Breakthrough Minister Female award at 2020 Maranatha Awards along with other nominations for her song Song of Angels (Ndi Mo Zi) and debut album Man of Galilee.

And so on

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