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Ode to Pain Lyrics by CYP

 Intro: Here's my Ode to Pain all innocence cleared and slain Night fell and the pain came The agony over and over again Verse one: Blood! story of my life goes Only God knows How many of set goals But this is the path that I chose  Ain't go regretting it Life is just one big big misery It's a miracle that I'm still in it But I'm killin' it Yh pain I'm reliving it All in my veins It was all pain There was no gain It was all shame Heart in distress Couldn't cope with the stress Emotional wrecks Couldn't handle the mess Couldn't settle for less Unspoken Trauma Unending Drama Thank God for fathers, mothers Sisters and brothers Your physical pain be throbbing Emotional pain be aching You're broken Tears be rolling Emotional wreckage Lost an appendage And I ain't even come of the right age To be sure that we're on the same page  You really should get to my age Chorus:  My throat burns I'm on fire I can't speak, I can't breathe