Ode to Pain Lyrics by CYP

 Intro: Here's my Ode to Pain

all innocence cleared and slain

Night fell and the pain came

The agony over and over again

Verse one:

Blood! story of my life goes

Only God knows

How many of set goals

But this is the path that I chose 

Ain't go regretting it

Life is just one big big misery

It's a miracle that I'm still in it

But I'm killin' it

Yh pain I'm reliving it

All in my veins

It was all pain

There was no gain

It was all shame

Heart in distress

Couldn't cope with the stress

Emotional wrecks

Couldn't handle the mess

Couldn't settle for less

Unspoken Trauma

Unending Drama

Thank God for fathers, mothers

Sisters and brothers

Your physical pain be throbbing

Emotional pain be aching

You're broken

Tears be rolling

Emotional wreckage

Lost an appendage

And I ain't even come of the right age

To be sure that we're on the same page

 You really should get to my age


My throat burns I'm on fire

I can't speak, I can't breathe

The pain is beginning to eat me up

Verse two:

Had a friend named Grace

She got piercings all over her face

She was in love with the pain

In love with the scars

Truth is, it's where all her memory lies

So I asked her...Grace?

What do you do when you're hurting

What do you do when it feels like you're fading

What do you do when the pain

is so much it's physical, mental, emotional all of that...

And she said to me Nah ahn

It really doesn't work not like that

Through true pain

You're self realised, self actualised

The scars are the evidence of the journey

It Really gets lonely, but not to worry it's part of the process

You really wanting more not just less

I'm C.Y.P and here's the story

The Ode to the Pain, the guts and glory

The good, the bad and the ugly

Cold, naked, afraid and awoken

I'm just trusting the process

Steadily making progress

I'm so much extra I think I'm excess

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