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Pastor Paul Enenche - You are always there lyrics

  You are always there lyrics by Pastor Paul Eneche You are always there to help was sung by Pastor Paul Eneche and the Dunamis Voices International. Before we move to the lyrics portion of this post, let's read a little about the Dunamis International voices  OMG SEE HOW PASTOR PAUL ENENCHE DANCES WITH HIS LEG Who are the "Dunamis voices International"      As you may be wondering, you have heard this name umpteen times.  Yet you don't know their identity right? Here, I will be disclosing their identity.  The Dunamis Voices International is a music band/singing unit established by the "Dunamis International Gospel church" for  the purpose of composing and releasing to the public. How Pastor Paul Enenche started his ministry including his early life and childhood. You are always there lyrics I have put... I have put my trust in You I have put my faith in Your word No matter what comes my way I shall never be afraid There is nothing in this wor

Paul Enenche Biography

 Paul Enenche Biography, facts I bet you don't know him    Let's be honest, we both know the truth about this. Even if you have always been indoor, this name will still ring a bell of familiarity in your mind.    Being a popular minister of God and also a gospel singer, Pastor Paul Enenche has earned respect through his spirit filled songs and God's grace and anointing over his life.     Now everyone wants to read about him and study how he made it to where he is today and guess what? There are hundreds or probably thousands of articles about him flying everywhere but I assure you that if you read carefully through this one, you will find out that the time spent here is worth it. In this post, I will be sharing with you: Simple profile of Pastor Paul Enenche Recent news about him His early life and education His career as a singer/minister of God His songs, books and quotes His wife His children AND everything else you need to know   Alright, let'