This Might Be The Next Bitcoin

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Ice mining for free

 If you have been in the crypto space for a while, then you should have heard of Bitcoin

And speaking of Bitcoin, you should know how much one now costs.

But this same Bitcoin which is worth tens of thousands of dollars was not even up to $1 some years back.

But it is now the main leader of the cryptocurrency markets. 

I lost a chance to buy them when they were cheap, chances are, you lost the chance also.

But here is another cryptocurrency with enough potential. And the sweet part is you can mine directly on your phone.

So basically, what that means is that you are not buying it, instead you will be mining them for free, just like the way they mine gold.

You will be mining just with a simple tap on your phone

To get started

Click on the above link, then you will be redirected to the ice website.
Copy the code (ifeoluwa5) to get free 10 ice coins.

Then proceed to download the app on your phone. For Iphone users, you will register on the website but with the same code 

After Downloading the Ice mining app, you will sign up with your Gmail and also paste the referral code - "ifeoluwa5" to get 10 free ice coins.

Then you will get a mail in your inbox where you'll find the link to successfully open your account. 

Click on it and refresh the app to successfully sign in.

Complete the remaining registration process and start mining

To start mining, you just have to press the center yellow button and hold for 1s and it will become green
Showing that it has started mining.

Viola, here you go!

Note: you have to tap the mining button every 24 hours so that you will not start losing them 

Any other information can be found on their website. 

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