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A compiled list of Mount Zion Movies

  Compiled list of Mount Zion Movies   No doubt, Mount Zion Faith Ministry is a drama.ministry that has produced hundreds of hit gospel movies across the nation and across the continent that has made great impact in the aspect of spreading the gospel.(good news).    Mount Zion faith ministry being one of the fulfilled gospel drama ministries in Nigeria and having sustained that position and prestige for long has attained a height that truly deserves our respect. God has continuously been using the ministry to bless our generation by his word communicated through drama and movies. Here in this post, I will be sharing with you the following: A complete list of Mount Zion Movies Simple facts about Mount Zion Ministry Some links to relevant articles Complete List Of Mount Zion Movies Here is a compiled  list of Mount Zion movies from 1990 to 2021. TITLE, YEAR AND PRODUCER/DIRECTOR THE UNPROFITABLE SERVANT, 1990  by MIKE BAMILOYE THE BEGINNING