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The Mike Bamiloye Family

  This post is for those searching for the biography of The Mike Bamiloye family  THE MIKE BAMILOYE FAMILY       If we are to talk about gospel drama in Nigeria, one of the first set of names that will come to mind will definitely include Bamiloye. Starting from short gospel  drama down to long gospel movies, the Bamiloye family have involved themselves in all creating a reputation that will last the test of time.    Mount Zion faith ministries and Bamiloye are two related terms with Mount Zion faith ministries being a drama ministry founded by Evangelist Mike Bamiloye and his wife Gloria Bamiloye .  Initially, the ministry first started with going to churches and other religious gathering to present drama BUT    Presently, it has spread wide going from country to country to produce movies and releasing them to the world bringing impact not only to the Christian society but to everyone.    Now, let's go take a brief look at some facts about Bamiloye family. FATHER: Evangelist Mike