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Ada Ehi - Never go down lyrics (Mp3)

Never go down lyrics (Mp3)    Just my own pictures taken Say cheese, your history's written Let all the fears go out the door Shut your doors and keep them out But keep the picture of your dream beside your heart Oh we're levitating (yeah) This joy is elevating When you find your pace within the race Showing everyone the faith, that you found your place We never go down, we never go down We never go down, no Just like the ceiling of stars all over the airspace We never go down, no We're flying for life We're flying for life Hey, hey-hey It's L to the I.M.O Blaze We're flying for life Look, the hand of God is upon me And I never met a thing that could break me 'Cause I never met a thing that could break God And I'm the apple of his eyes, the MAC is no Windows For the forces of darkness, they operate And I know that he got my back like a feather brake Boy I'm black but I'm a theme of grace I've been empowered a by spirit I'ma win my race, l