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Nigeria States and Capital and their Slogans 2020

Nigeria consists 36 states, which are together given below in this article. Nigeria is an African country with the largest population of black in the world. The name "Nigeria" was coined by Flora Luggard in the year 1889. If you are one of those searching for: Nigerian States and their Slogans List of state and their slogan; Nigerian states capitals slogans and governors; Current Nigerian states capitals slogans and governor; 36 states in Nigeria and their capital;  Nigerian States and their governors; States and their mottos. Formation of the 36 states in Nigeria Nigeria was divided into 12 states by Gen. Yakubu Gowon on May 27, 1967. General Murtala Mohammed divided Nigeria into 19 states on Feb 3, 1976. General Ibrahim Babaginda gave Nigeria a 24 state structure on Sept 17, 1987. On August 27, 1991, General Ibrahim Babaginda increased Nigeria's structures to 30. On Oct 1, 1996, General Sani Abacha gave Nigeria its present 36 state st

11 Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria and Solutions

Causes, Effects and Solution To Unemployment In Nigeria Unemployment in Nigeria Causes, Effects, Solution and Rate of Unemployment in Nigeria The causes of unemployment are practically what happen in all sectors. When considering the causes of unemployment we look at the economic condition and demography of the country.  Developed countries also encountered this problem of unemployment during the early stage of their development. Read also: Current Affairs in Nigeria There are major and minor causes of unemployment. But in this article I will be discussing the major causes of unemployment in Nigeria alongside the minor causes.  Unemployment is a major barrier to fresh graduates and job seekers. I can cowardly say the government aren’t doing anything to calm the situation and resolve the issue. Read also: Causes of Ethnic Conflict in Nigeria This is a national crisis and a cause for alarm. (Mind you I never said natural crisis). Every year Nigeria