Frank Edward Drop it at my feet lyrics

Drop it at my feet lyrics

Eh... leh... leh... eeeye eeyah...4

I am the Lord
I heard your cry
No need to worry
No need to fear any more
Bring it bring it on...
and drop it at my feet...

It doesn't matter what the doctor said to you
Drop it at my feet
It doesn't matter what you've been going through
Drop it at my feet
u may have been there for ten years or more
just drop it at my feet

Eh... leh... leh... eeyeh... eeyah...4

I laid my life just that you might be free
I bled and died but then I rose again.,,,
Drop it at my feet
The gate of hell could not prevail,,,,
Drop n walk away
Bring it on

The doctor said there's no more hope for u...(Bomah)... Drop it at ma feet
He said u cannot walk again...
(Bomah)., drop it at ma feet...
it doesn't matter what they say to you...
(Bomah)...drop it at ma feet,,,,,,,
Drop n walk away...
(Bomah)...drop it at ma feet,,,,,,, x3
oh oh drop n walk away
Eh...,,, leh,,,,,, leh... leh.,,,, leh.,,,.yah...10
Bomah speaking in tongues.

oh ho oh ho, i am God, i am the Almighty
i heard you, i love you, i will never let you go
Don't give up, don't you worry
I am God, i am the Almighty God
I am GOD, I am GOD
when you call me
i'll be there 2
i'll be there eeee!
elele eyee eeyaah 2x.

About Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards is a  Gospel musician with a passion and devotion towards music.
His real name is Frank Ugochukwu Edwards but he is popularly known as Frank edwards which is also his stage name.
He said that he originally wanted to become a pilot. But after seeing the way his pastor sings, he began to long for music which later made to start piano lesson at the age os seven. 
He said that his sucess was due to great people like pastor Chris Oyakhilome assiting him with an endless effort. He is the owner amd foumfer of the record label "Rocktown Records" in 2007.
 He came into the limelight after launching his first album in 2008. 
 Clearly after performing his debut, he laumchhes many other songs like "Mma Mma" , "Oghene doh" and more.
Currently he is one of the best Nigerian Gospel musician.

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