Nanowei lyrics by Preye odede featuring Mercy chinwo (Mp3)


 Dear God, You are everything You said You are

But You are more than what we think You are
The song is for You right now Jesus

Nanaowei, Nanaowei, Nanaowei
Toko ni ya la le ra

Mighty God
Awsome God
Prince of peace
All glory to Your name

[Verse 1]
How You guild the world is still a mystery
How You walk in water
no one can understand
How You opened my eyes to see this miracle
What a Mighty God You are

Heaven and earth adore You
Angels bow before You
What a Mighty God You are.

Nanaowei, Nanaowei, Nanaowei
Toko ni ya la le ra
Nanaowei, Nanaowei, Nanaowei
Toko ni ya la le ra

[Verse 2]
Most times I imagine how You do the things You do
You separated the light from the darkness
(Oh God)
Who is like You
You’re God by Yourself
And no one can contend

Nanaowei, Nanaowei
Toko mi ya la le ra

Heaven and earth will pass away
You’re still the same
Kingdoms to come
And Kingdoms to go
But Your Kingdom oh Lord
Is forever and ever (Oh Lord)

Things tremble at the sound of Your name
There’s a way at the raise of Your praise
What can’t You do, AlMighty God

Nanaowei, Nanaowei, Nanaowei
Toko ni ya la le ra
Nanaowei, Nanaowei, Nanaowei
Toko ni ya la le ra

Creator of the earth
Creator of the world
We magnify You
Cause You are holy and righteous God
Holy and righteous God

Father we love You

Father we praise You

Father we give You praise

Holy are You God
Lord we worship You
We bow to You Lord

For You are Holy and Righteous God
Holy and righteous God
We love You



 Preye odede is boen on the 16th of June 1990 and hails from Isampou, Bayelsa state, Nigeria.

  He studied Microbiology in Abia state university.  

 Preye came into the Nigerian gospel scene in 2011 with his song "Biko" and later he introduced his maiden album "My script" in 2012.

. He has been singing as a back up for some major gospel ministers in Port-Harcourt City  and loves listening to music, he has also released some few albums.  






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