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How do you Celebrate Christmas? - Akinduyo Eniola

How do you Celebrate Christmas? Christmas is the most rosy festive season we always celebrate every year. There are some things that have grown to become a symbol of Christmas Chicken and rice has grown to become a global symbol to celebrate Christmas during the festive season. But that does not speak for all races of people and religions. Beside chicken and rice, some religions and races have also developed their own way of celebrating Christmas. So today I would love to hear your own voice on how you celebrate Christmas in your home, religion or race? Though Christmas is a Christian festive season, it is now celebrated by all and sundry. But something has gone wrong, which is the real motive behind celebrating Christmas. Here in my Nigeria, most people see Christmas as the period to get new clothes and change their outfits beside Chicken and Rice. Christmas is being celebrated by changing of outfits, getting new clothes, etc. That is how Christmas is being celebrat

Amanamo meaning and lyrics

Ths post is for those looking for Amanamo meaning, Amanamo meaning and lyrics, Amanamo lyrics by Chris Morgan ft Mercy Chinwo           Amanamo Meaning Amanamo means you have done well Amanamo Lyrics       [Verse 1]  Heaven is open over me  Countless blessing overflowing  Countless miracles, Countless testimonies Shower everywhere for me  Abundance of grace, Abundance of grace (How can I describe What you’ve done for me)   [Chorus] Amanamo, Amanamo Eyen’abasi Amanamo Oh Amanamo, Amanamo Eyen’abasi Amanamo Oh [Chorus – Translation] You have done well You have done well Son of God You have done well [Verse 2] You are beyond Human comprehension Words are inadequate  To express who you are  Who can calculate The dust of the air      Who can measure  The waters of the sea     Who can measure The sand of the sea shore   Who can number The hairs on my head Who can phantom The wonders of your love Who am I, who am I That you are mindful of me [Repeat Chorus] Amanamo, Amanamo Eyen’abasi Am