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Anne Frank, The Power of Hope and Death

Could there be anything worse than this! Losing hope in life! I wondered while I lay on my bed. This is a trend in the world. Depression!, Suicide!, those are the major causes of death in the world. You don’t need to argue it. We all have been disappointed in one way or the other. But does that mean the end of the world? NO!! It is not the end of the world. It is not yet finished until it is finished. That is the right thing to say. And there is a girl whose story explains it all better. Anne Frank So who is Anne Frank? During the second war, a 13 year old girl, Anne Frank, died in a concentration camp (death camp). The concentration was where Hitler sent the Jews to work them to death with little to no food. Anne Frank was just four years old when the Nazis came to power, and her family wisely fled from Germany to Holland. But the Germans soon invaded Holland and began rounding up all Jews to be sent to the death camps. Her father took thirteen-year-old Anne and her mother and sister

Burna Boy Dangote Lyrics

Burna Boy Dangote Lyrics Dangote , Dangote Dangote still dey find money o No level No level It's Kel P Vibes Dangote, Dangote Dangote still dey find money o I no dey, I no dey I no dey sleep on the money o Who I be? Who I be? Wey make I no go find money o I no dey send anybody o Me I dey hustle gan gan Choko Make you hustle, ma lo go I no be olodo, I no be bolo Uhh Omo to ba lo foco I go show you my color Shey wan ro kpe mi l'opolo Emi gan gan mo yan wan bolo The matter plenty Enu mi ole soto Oh no no o Make una listen well well When I dey strive and I dey hustle Wetin I dey find? Na luba I dey find When I dey move from place to place Wetin I dey find? Na the dollar I dey find And I don do yes yes Yes yes And many people don tell me No no No no Oni lati lowo o Odi don don Ori iyami o bi mo doyo Is it because I dey do am for love If I get cash I go jaiye lokpopo I go give you cash, I go be your sponsor Moni iyami o bi mo doyo I