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Awamaridi Lyrics by Nathaniel Bassey FT Tope Alabi

You are the beginning and ending Alpha and Omega You seated in the circle of the earth You are the God who made the universe Out of void and emptiness You spoke the word and it fell into place You're deeper than my mind can grasp and what my eyes can see Eternity won't be enough to tell of you As long as I've got breath in me, and through the great beyond I'll declare the greatness of your name Awamaridi, awamaridi, ooh You are mystery Reveal to me your own So I've come to worship you I've come to worship you The heavens of the heavens cannot contain your majesty And yet you made my heart your dwelling place I find it hard to understand, the reason for this kind of love For mortal man who sometimes doesn't care You took the journey to the cross, and never looking back You died the sinners' death so I can live again If this is not the greatest love, I wonder what is It can only take a God who is like you... Jesus Awamaridi, (Awamaridi) awamaridi, ooh You