Marlians, Bobrisky and the Madness in the World - 4 Shocking Facts

Marlians please do read this, this is not to shame you but to hear your thoughts on the rising of more madness in the world.


I was in a biology class when I heard this strange question. The lecturer who was tutoring the class was annoyed by the noise of the class and had to divert his lecture to this topic.

He stopped talking and looked at the class. Silence has it's way at that moment. We all thought we might have angered him through our noise. Everywhere was silent and we all were expecting his next sentence to be "Tear a cheat of paper". This was the model most of our lecturers deal with us whenever they're annoyed.
Funny enough the test would be about that day's lecture and only a few would be able to boast of answering the questions well.

There we were all waiting for our punishment..
He (the lecturer) then broke the silence by asking this question : "How do you identify a mad man?".
He attached a financial reward to whoever gets the answer correct.

But fortunately no one gave him the answer he was expecting.
Now this is an open test for you too. No financial reward is attached to it but you will actually have more understanding of life if you understand the concept behind who a mad man is.

How do you recognize a mad man?

To give you a yellow light, below were some of the answers discussed in the class that very day.
One of my mate said that - You can recognize a mad man through his attitude and I also agree because this is very true.

But my strange lecturer disagreed with this. He was like ( NO Ma!!!!)
Another person said - Through the way he is dressed and also acts. This to me is also correct and I'm sure you also agree with this. Buty strange lecturer still disagreed with this.

After many attempts it was of no use troubling ourselves answering the question since we knew it was already mentioned by someone..
So we all were waiting for what the strange lecturer has to say concerning this.
I will tell you the answer my strange lecturer gave but before that I would love us to have a word of prayer.

Oh Lord teach me thy ways in the name of Jesus.

Wait a minute.

Isn't that strange?

I know your next thought would be is this guy okay at all? Or why is he acting this strange??? Or is he also mad?

Could this be your thoughts, then you already have an idea of the answer my strange lecturer gave to us that day.

But I would tell you what he said that day precisely cause it will shock you.
My strange lecturer laughed and said he would tell us a story to answer the question.
He then said - In a community that was cut out for mad people, there was a mad woman who was pregnant. The woman gave birth to a bouncing baby boy who is psychologically normal and okay. The mad woman took care of her child and also taught him morals like a normal mother would do. The child  spent twenty years with his mother in the mad people community before he left there for a larger communtiy where normal people dwell.

 Getting there putting on tattered cloth just like a mad man would and also carrying dirty things from the neighboring houses like he saw his mother do; he then saw the normal people.

What do you think his reaction will be like seeing the so called Normal people?

When he sees  the people putting on clothes and putting on shoes. He would be shocked and and have
a strange feeling concerning them. Don't be surprised, he might even end up calling them abnormal people (mad ).

To him, the world is mad and to the world he is mad.

This is because he grew up in a different society with different culture and manner and on getting to the world meeting people who are different from him, he calls them mad.

He ended it again now that how then do we know a mad man?

The only way you identify a mad man, he continued, is by redefining the meaning of madness.
A mad man is a man doing the opposite of what moral believes. A mad man is a man acting strange to what we believe is morally right.

I am not good at narrating a story, but the point I want to make here is this.
When I sat down to think about this then I learnt the following lessons.

So not just anyone walking Helter skelter in rags is mad.
Anyone doing things that are not morally aligned are the mad ones.

1. Madness is Not a Disease, It's a Culture


You know what I think this thing called madness is not a diease, it's a culture. Either you agree with it or not it's just the conclusion I came to after looking at the society we have today.
I think even scientists have failed in diagnosing this illness called madness. Science claims that it's an abnormal state of the mind.
But to me it's a culture and not an illness.
Wouldn't you want to know why?
If it's an illness then I think 90% of the whole world is mad. Wait and there is a probability that even our doctors to are among.
I'm not trying to cause a stir or bad name anybody. Please just neglect the personality behind this post and get the lessons I need you to get.
Take this for an example

Can you offer sex to a guest? Or let me put it this way, can you allow your husband or wife to offer sex to your guest??

But do you there is a tribe in Africa that does exactly this and even more as a culture? I'm referring to the Him a tribe.

The Himba tribe offer sex to their guest and even worse than that. Their boys are thought how to have sex at the age of 14 by having sex with an elderly woman who teaches him how to have sex.

This is disgusting!!!!

Yes very disgusting but this is their culture. And to make things worse, their ladies don't bath at all.
Uuum I think I heard you say isnt this madness?

Then if you also think it is madness. Then I have made my point that madness is not an Illness it is a culture.

It is also the same case as people dancing half naked or pulling down their trousers claiming to belong to a particular group - Marlians?

2. Madness occur in stages.


I have told you a story of the Himba tribe. Now what if I tell you madness occur in stages? The people who we call mad people are just the ones we know.

But we have forgotten that there are more mad people than them. There are mad people who think they are normal but don't know they are mad.

And there are.mad people who display madness through their actions. Inside themselves they even tell their conscience that they are mad. You something like - "I mad oo" , "You are crazy" , "are you mad?"

This is not a joke. Some people don't know this.
You see someone sharing videos of his nude on social media and you are telling me he is not mad?

You see a young and gentle man dancing nakedly and you tell me he is not mad??
This is not a hate speech, it's just what I'd bothering me about our present society..

Why on Earth should a normal human being sexually abuse someone just because he has the money and thinks he can just make everyone lick his dick?

This is disgusting.....
I know you are annoyed already for going to that direction right? But read the last one.

3. Madness is Spiritual

There is a spirit behind every strange thing occurring on Earth. Either you like it or not, madness which I called a culture has a spirit behind it.

Because it's a culture or a vibe in the industry does not mean that it is right.
Because the latest dance requires being half naked does not mean it is right.

Because everyone believes in it does not mean that they are right.
So therefore if you also happen to fall victim of evil spirits, then please and please pray very well. Pray very well.

4. You are what you believe

What do you believe in? What are the books you read? Are they books that promote madness, are they things that promote homosexuality?

Please be guided.

Carefully decide who to listen to, influencers to follow and friends to keep.
Being a leader does not mean they are always right. It only means they have been able to gather people of the same mindset like them..

Let me let you know, satan is a leader just like Jesus is a leader.
So does that mean that the Satan is right?


Please be guided. Not every program you must watch, not every movie you must watch, not every songs you must listen to, not every food you must taste.

5. Marlian is a Mad Man Culture

I have nothing to say here. Please just go and digest this.



How was the read? I hope this post helps you feed your thought on how to identify a mad person?
I have a disclosure, I wrote this post on my phone around 12am in the night when thinking about how the marlian vibe is captivating the youths and young ones in Nigeria.

So please forgive me if I have offended you. And you can chat me up on Twitter if you have something you would love to enlighten me on.

No one is an island of knowledge.

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